Aunt May Sings With My Cousin Vinny

Actress Marissa Tomei will soon reprise her role of Aunt May in the upcoming Spider-Man:Homecoming movie that comes out on July 7th. However, did you know the actress could sing? One of Tomei’s most popular roles was in the “My Cousin Vinny” movie with Joe Pesci. The two had amazing chemistry and she even won an Academy Award for her performance. I was randomly came across this album that Pesci released in 1998 called “Vincent Laguardia Gambini Sings Just for You.” On one of the tracks Tomei sings a duet which is a lot of fun. Warning there is some adult language on it.

The album is hysterical and I really like this song.

Here are the clips from the rest of the hysterical album.

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