NBA and Tech Suit Video for Spider-Man:Homecoming

Sony is really pushing the social media and advertising of the new Spider-Man: Homecoming film. I’m not sure if this clip is in the film, but it’s a fun little two minute clip of Spidey going to Tony’s Stark’s NBA party. He even mentions “MJ” in this clip.

This is also a new clip Sony posted about all the Stark tech that is in Spidey’s new costume.


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  1. krankyboy

    So Spider-Man, the coolest superhero in the Marvel universe, is now an Iron Man spin-off character. Because "Robert Downey Junior." I know it's just a commercial, but seriously: "Golly Gee! -- I can't be late for Mr. Stark's party!" Yeah, I think I'll be skipping the movie, thank you. By the way, you just know that "M.J." will be Michelle "Jane" Gonzales (Zadaya's character). So it won't really be Mary Jane. Too white and red-headed for Sony, I guess. But hey, thank you so much Kevin Feige for changing countless things about Spider-Man that you didn't need to.

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