Lost Spider-Man Project: Atlantis Attacks II

Back in 2001 artist Tom Lyle wrote and penciled a sequel to Atlantis Attacks which had a focus on Spider-Man. Lyle had just come off a successful run on the adjectiveless “Spider-Man” title. The new book was a three issue mini series that was never released. I recently talked to Lyle about the project.

“AA2 was a summer fill in Macchio commissioned from me and then Bob Harras decided not to go twice weekly with the book over the summer, so it sort of got left in limbo,” said Lyle.

Lyle then pitched it to the then Spider-Man Editor Axel Alonzo but he turned him down. All three issues were penciled, colored and lettered. He also had one of the covers nearly completed. Lyle says the files are allegedly still on a hard drive at Marvel somewhere.  The story featured Namor and Attuma in his Kirby costume. Lyle says the plot was fun.

“Attuma and the Atlanteans attack New York with the idea of blowing the under-structure of Manhattan out, sinking the island and using it as the new Atlantis. Spidey fights back,” said Lyle.

Several of the pages from the inker Robert Jones have been sold online. So would you like to see this mini-series see the light of day? E-mail Marvel and tell them you want it in print.

Send an e-mail to spideyoffice@marvel.com
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  1. Mark Alford

    While the idea of getting to see a lost Spider project is intriguing, I can't say that the first Atlantis Attacks instilled any hope in me that a sequel would be worth the $$.

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