PS4 Spider-Man Gameplay

Eight minutes of Spider-Man PS4 footage has been released and it’s gorgeous. We’ll have to wait until 2018 to get it.

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  1. Sean

    There's apparently a story reason for the white spider on the suit. That said, Insomniac confirmed that alternate costumes will be in the game, so hopefully we'll have a variety to choose from.

  2. Bill

    JMH - Hopefully there will be some kind of option to change the costume. They usually have different "skins" you can download for the superhero games. If so, hopefully there will be some kind of classic costume option. If not I may actually have to pass on this one. Heck, I'd even take the new "green glowy spider" suit over the one shown in the game. It looks like some bad made-up alternate suit you'd see on a 1990's action figure or something.

  3. JMH

    I'm on the fence with this game. It looks like it could be good, and I hope it's great. It just doesn't look like the gift from God that the internet makes it out to be. Also, I agree the costume is awful. Supposedly there is an in-story reason why the spider is white instead of black, I wonder if there is an in-story reason why the costume looks so ugly? Anyway, as long as the game isn't as bad as the Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie game, I'll be thankful.

  4. Crime Master

    Looks like a perfect update on the likes of the Spider-Man 2 or Ultimate Spider-Man games. Only things I dislike are the quick time events, and the costume. I hope the proper one is at least an unlockable.

  5. Bill

    Awesome looking graphics and gameplay, but I still can't stand that costume. What's with the giant white spider? Makes no sense.

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