Go Inside the Art of Spider-Man Exhbit in NYC

SYFY has done another package about the Art of Spider-Man exhibit. It looks literally amazing. Has anyone been able to visit it yet? Comment below.

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  1. Mike

    I happened to be off last friday night so i went. It was amazing! Seeing all that John Romita art up close as well as work by Frenz, Pollard, Ditko, Starlin and more was great. How cool to see the artwork from "The Kid who Collected Spider-Man" and from the newspaper strip. There were quite a few comic book people there too including Todd McFarlane and Chris Claremont. But the absolute best part of the evening was meeting THE John Romita and his wife. I knew he was going and was hoping to at least see him but to be able to shake his hand and tell how much I've enjoyed his and his son's work all these years was thrilling. What genuinely nice people they are. Someone said no autographs as we were going in but people did have him sign some books and he was incredibly gracious about it. I couldn't pass up the opportunity so i asked him to sign my train ticket which of course meant i had to buy a new one to get home but who cares, right? It literally was the best moment of my comic collecting years.

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