Thank you Crawlspace Patreon’s

Thank you to the following members who support the Crawlspace each and every month through pateron. Click on the image above to learn how you can help support the site and get some cool rewards. Is there a reward that you think I should create? Add a suggestion in the comment section.

$10 a month supporters
Michael Romaneko

$5 a month supporters
Steven Kellogg
John Pepper
Andrew Garland
Christopher Magan
Craig Falkenham
Brian Popovich

$2 a month supporters
Stuart Slaugh

$1 a month supporters
Patrick Mocella
Michael Kearns

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(5) Comments

  1. Brad Douglas - Post author

    Borvoc, I'm not quite sure what you're asking. Each month varies with donations. With this format it's a guaranteed amount each and every month.

  2. Borvoc

    I wonder if this is an increase or a decrease from the average monthly amount from before Patreon. I feel like we could get more patrons with such an informative Spider-related podcast and site.

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