Interactive Spidey

Always wanted to chat it up with Spidey? Well if you have $149 you can do it daily. Check out this cool toy from Sphero.  Some of the things you can do with the toy include:


  • Wise-crackin’ Spidey – Talk to Spidey using a variety of phrases. But be warned – he’s quite the jokester!
  • Super Smarts – Earn Spider-Man’s trust by working together to defeat baddies.
  • Team Up – Go on missions & battle villains. Every decision influences the adventure.
  • Emotive Eyes – Spidey’s LCD eyes express his every thought and emotion.
  • Spider-Sense – Spidey’s built-in IR sensor allows him to detect and react to movement.
  • Ultimate Experience – Spidey’s web connection allows you to get content updates.
  • Create an alter ego – Create your Super Hero identity and keep tabs on your accomplishments.
  • Write your story – Every decision creates a new path forward, making every adventure unique.

Thanks to Mohammed for the heads up about it on our Facebook page.


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  1. hornacek

    This looks neat ... "A few months ago my class went on a school field trip to Oscorp." Pass.

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