Podcast #467-Spider-News, New Trailer Reactions, Sable & Cat Movie, New Venom Movie, Lost Spidey GN,

The Spider-Panel tackles news in this episode. News topics include:
*Reactions to the new Spider-Man: Homecoming trailers.
*Reaction to an upcoming Black Cat and Silver Sable team up movie.
*Tom Hardy cast as Venom
*Tom Holland’s quote about Spider-Man’s new goal
*Lost Spider-Man graphic novel by Frenz, Romita Sr and Peter David
*Spider-Burglar just wants some Kentucky Bourbon.



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(1) Comment

  1. Ebony

    I've not disagreed much with you guys much since discovering the podcast but you guys are being so ridiculous about these trailers. Can't you see they are setting it up with the very thing you're complaining about. Is there a lot of tony in the trailers, yes but it's clear they are setting up the over protective brother and the kid has to break out to find his own way and become his own man. It's so obvious. And yet the whining. Then you've said in the past you're tired of an origin, but you want them to go back to uncle Ben. Finally isn't this sticking to the origin of the comic more than the other movies in relation to Spider-Man and his space in the comic Marvel Universe? Comic wise the avengers had appeared first and when Spidey came on the scene he was a teenager. That means prior to getting powers he would have already seen iron man and known about Tony Stark. With Stark being Marvels big tech guy why wouldn't a science nerd like Peter Parker think he was cool? You all are literally complaining about things that comic history wise would make total sense. Yes. You don't like Iron Man but you can't deny it's not actually sticking to comic beats. He even wanted to join a team. Granted it was the FF but since we don't have them in the MCU you have the avengers, who he did look up to, especially cap but never felt he was good enough to join and thus wanted to remain a loner. So for Pete's sake, calm down.

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