Cobwebs #41: Cobwebs Final Exam

OK folks, its the end of the school year and that means EXAMS!  Do you have what it takes to prove you are worthy of calling yourself a Spider-Man fan?  You have two exams to choose from this year – Advanced Placement Cobwebs level and Remedial Spider-Man level.  Play one or play both!  Each are ten questions and you get points for getting it right and how fast you get the question right.

The Quizizz program will let you take it as many times as you’d like, but I challenge everyone here to web up and list your first attempt score in the comments section.  Don’t forget to include AP or REM so we know which one you are talking about. Trash talking and calling out members of the review staff and podcast are allowed (but let’s keep it in good fun).   Without further delay – here are the links:

For both, go to:

Once you are there, use the following codes:

AP Cobwebs Level – 537725

Remedial Spider-Man Level – 708574

You have until July 2nd before the quiz closes (but if you don’t get to this before then, just put a comment in to request an extension and I’ll go back in and adjust the time frame).



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(11) Comments

  1. BD

    On the remedial I got 9180 POINTS. I got them all right but George must have been a bit faster.

  2. Mark Alford - Post author

    @Zach - Well, Yvonmukluk beat you out by 120 points, but that still qualifies you to gloat on the next podcast! @mycroft - well, if that one setting is at 90%, I think I could live with that! @Yvonmukluk - WOW! You must be some sort of genius. Or at least a fast reader since you were able to get that last question done in a quick manner. Nice job! Who is Nate H? That guy made an 8200 on the AP level - the highest first time try!

  3. Yvonmukluk

    Well, I got 9530 on the remedial Spider-Man with 100% accuracy. Dunno how that happened, I'm currently no. 1. 5590 on the 'proper' test with 60% and at rank 9. Back in my comfort zone of mediocrity.

  4. Mycroft

    8200 on the AP and 8470 on the Remedial, 90% accuracy on both. I guess I've only got one setting.

  5. Mark Alford - Post author

    @George - Curse ME for making a question long? I do believe I remember you giving me a Spider-Jeopardy question with answers all the way from A to W. * @hornacek - What? 70% not enough to make that monocle slip out?? And George isn't table-less, it is just flipped. That Zach guy must have been pretty quick with the answers! @Adam S. - I learned the long question trick from the SAT. That's always an easy way to trip people up. :) @BD - You beat George! Time to begin the trash talking! Does anyone know who A is? He's the top right now for first time taking of the AP level. *Which I got right, I might humbly add.

  6. Adam S.

    I skimmed the long question and goofed because of it, but a 90% isn't too bad. I got 70% on the AP one.

  7. BD

    Mark, This was awesome! My AP score was 6330 POINTS. The Black Cat, Spider-WOman and Hostess ad got me. I'll play the remedial later tonight.

  8. George Berryman

    AP - 5360, 60% accuracy. I can't even beat Hornacek?! WTF?! *flip table* Remedial - 9220, 100% accuracy. And curse you for making that last question so damn long! o.O Well done, Dark Mark!!! (insert Stegron icon here)

  9. hornacek

    AP - 6390 points - only 70% accuracy (throws Spidey-fan uniform in trash can, walks away in shame) REM - 9400 points - 100% accuracy (although it felt like I was playing sports against 10 year olds). Came in second in the rankings - only some guy named "Zach" beat me.

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