Marvel Reveals More Teasers For Marvel Legacy (UPDATED)

This time the covers are revealed by Newsarama, Nerdist, SyfywireComicvine and IGN

And the covers are

(for a lot more, head over to the links above)

Amazing Spider-Man by Alex Ross paying homage to John Romita Sr.’s Amazing Spider-Man: A Rockomic album cover.

Venom by Francesco Mattina’s paying homage to Steven Mcniven’s Amazing Spider-Man #546.

Spider-Man by (actually Syfywire was given the wrong bit of information) but we do know it pays homage to Romita Sr.’s Amazing Spider-Man Annual #6

But the real question is, why is Bombshell a member of the six, isn’t she supposed to be a friend of Miles, hope they didn’t do what they did with Black Cat. and speaking of Felicia is she still going to be the King/Queenpin of the book and is she still a full villain? And just who is yet another Spider character (yes, we have another) in the black & gold costume?

Spider-Gwen by Khary Randolph paying homage to Todd McFarlane’s Amazing Spider-Man #316

Invincible Iron Man By Alan Davis which pays homage to Invincible Iron Man #150.

The question here is, Is Mary Jane STILL part of Invincible Iron Man when Legacy starts?

Defenders by Szymon Kudranski paying homage to Jack Kirby’s The Avengers #16

And once more is Felicia still going to be the King/Queenpin of the book and is she still a full villain?

Avengers by Mike Allred paying homage to Avengers #53

Champions by Daniel Mora paying homage to Avengers Annual #17

Here are 2 extra titles that give homage to Spider-Man covers

Jessica Jones, Marvel Team-up Annual #4

The Despicable Deadpool, Amazing Spider-Man #129


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