Marvel Reveals Yet More Teasers For Marvel Legacy (UPDATED)

These covers are revealed by, Newsarama (1/2)Newsarama (2/2) and Bleeding Cool 
(actually Bleeding Cool doesn’t have a cover here, but worth a look
and Newsarama has extra covers)

The covers are

(for more, head over to the links above)

Peter Parker: Spectacular Spider-Man by Paolo Siquera’s paying homage to Al Milgrom’s Captain America #260

Spider-Man vs. Deadpool by (Artist not named) paying homage to Amazing Spider-Man #34 

Ben Reilly: The Scarlet Spider by (Artist not named) paying homage to Amazing Spider-Man #51

Unbelievable Gwenpool by (Artist not named) paying homage to Fantastic Four #200


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(3) Comments

  1. Kenneth

    Crappy event after event and now Marvel even seems to be unable to make exciting covers. Just all about "paying homeage" to a time when there actually were some creative people working at this "house of no ideas" Marvel has become

  2. Jack

    This all looks completely cosmetic and aiming at nostalgia instead of fixing what's actually wrong.

  3. mario

    an someone explain what the hell the announcement is? okay here using old covers. how does this change the industry? marvel loves to over hype to fall short.

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