Will We Get a Spider-Man: Homecoming Game?

Remember that heady time in the early 2000s when every single blockbuster movie received its own spin-off game? Those sure were the days. While many of the releases were lacklustre to say the least, there were a couple of games worth playing, many of which where Spider-Man titles. Sure, that could be because there have been countless Spider-Man games released over the last few decades, but many of them were actually really enjoyable. For example, there’s Spider-Man 2 (2004), a title that many PS2 fans played endlessly due to its Grand Theft Auto vibes.
Unfortunately, we don’t really seem to get gaming counterparts to big budget movie releases anymore so it’s really no surprise that Spider-Man: Homecoming has no upcoming games on PC or any of the numerous consoles available. Yes, there is an upcoming Spider-Man game about to be released on PS4 but before you get excited you should know it actually has nothing to do with this particular Spider-Man movie. That said, if the first trailer for this game which was premiered at E3 is anything to go by, Insomniac Games’ upcoming release might be worth playing.

Instead of console or PC games, companies now tend to release licensed games online in the form of iGaming titles. For example, 32Red slots is home to the official Jurassic World online slot, a Bridesmaids slot and Game of Thrones 15 Lines, amongst others. There’s no shortage of comic book-based iGames either. In fact, there was once a glorious time when almost every online casino hosted a number of Playtech-Marvel creations. Thankfully, some of the better titles still remain including the highly praised Dark Knight online slot, which can be found on most sites including Megamoolah. Another example is Casino777, home to a number of superhero slots including Thor, Ghost Rider and Wolverine.
As every single superhero appears to have their own slot at sites like 32Red this has to mean that Spider-Man: Homecoming will undoubtedly receive the same treatment, right? Well… no. At least, there’s been no official announcement from Marvel – so it looks like we’re at a loss in the world of iGaming, too. At this point, you must be assuming that there isn’t a single Spider-Man: Homecoming game on the horizon to get excited about. But that may not be the case after all.
It was reported earlier this month that Spider-Man: Homecoming will indeed receive its own title. Alas, there is a slight catch as this particular title will only be available at arcades. That’s right: there is a Homecoming-centric game coming to your local gaming arcade… wherever that may be. According to the spokesperson for the arcade chain Dace & Buster, the Spider-Man: Homecoming arcade game created by Adrenaline Amusements and Gameloft SE allows players to swing around New York and battle The Vulture. We don’t really understand why this couldn’t have been released on consoles or PC but we’ll never pass up an opportunity to visit an arcade like we did back in the ’80s.
Now, before you punch a hole through your smartphone, laptop or tablet, we’ve been saving the best for last as there is indeed an exciting Spider-Man: Homecoming game that you can play… as long as you own a VR headset. As of June 30, Playstation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive owners will be able to play Spider-Man: Homecoming – Virtual Reality Experience. Produced by Sony Pictures VR and developed by CreateVR, this unique look into the world of Spider-Man is also entirely free, which can only mean good things, we’re sure.

According to Playstation Lifestyle, players will be able to shoot webs, battle hooligans on the streets of New York and even square off against The Vulture himself. Plus, you’ll have the ability to explore Stark Industries like you’re actually there. This may be because the Spider-Man: Homecoming game landscape is looking so barren right now, but we have high hopes for this admittedly clever marketing ploy. So TL;DR, will there be a Spider-Man: Homecoming game? Yes, two, but in the form of a virtual reality one-shot and an arcade-exclusive release. Do we think there will be any more Spider-Man: Homecoming games in the future? Probably not, but we all have to have dreams.

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