Happy Birthday to George Berryman

Now normally, Mr. Douglas is the one who does the birthday well wishes, or George, if Brad is busy. BUT! Brad is in the land of Dial-up, so he requested me to celebrate his special day.
In the grand tradition of George Berryman, I give you:

Top 10 ways to celebrate George Berryman’s Birthday!

10. Pick up a Stegron Comic.

9. A Smokey and the Bandit marathon

8.  Drink some Lone-Star Beer!

7. Troll Zach with bags of flour (Wait, what?)

6. Buy him a drink at the Delta House tiki bar!

5. Re-watch Spider-Man 2. Lament that this is the best we will have.

4. Listen to his Spider-Jeopardy Episodes!

3. Go Back and re-read or listen to Spidey Friday Night Fights!

2. Re-live the Fight Club on the Message Board

and of course,

1.  Chomp on some bacon!

Happy Birthday Pal!

Also, because I’m bad a photoshop, relive the horror that is the Berryman’s head on Stegron. Thanks Brad, I’m going to have nightmares again. 0_0


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(10) Comments

  1. herbiepopnecker

    Many bacon returns of the day! And Happy Fourth of July to you and my American friends on crawlspace.

  2. MadGoblin

    He's half man, half dinosaur. What part of "that's f*****g awesome" don't you get?

  3. Symbiobro

    Happy birthday Georgey boy! And coincidentally, I actually just listened to the jeopardy episode George won!

  4. Thrawn

    Happy Birthday George! I hope you have many more in the years to come!! I'm toasting your B-Day with a mountain dew !!

  5. Peter

    Happy Birthday, George! May your fight clubs, professional honest opinion, and "bringing the funny" always shine through on the many years to come. As the Bandit would do "Have fun" and keep driving!

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