Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (2016) #11

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (2016) #11

“Days of Deception, Pt. 1: Off Come the Blinders”

Writer: Neil Bogenrieder

Assistant Writer: Mohammed Jaafar, Shaun Martineau and Jarod Cordes

Editor: Mark Alford


Line Art and Colors: Neil Bogenrieder

“Let the Games Begin” Variant

Line Art: Itsaworld

Colors: Hunter Bruton


Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (2016) #11

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Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (2016) #11 (PDF Version) 

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  1. hornacek

    I think the Dire Wraiths becoming public knowledge in Rom and Secret Wars were both around 1984, but I don't remember there being any indication that anyone thought the two were related (but it's been a long time since I read Rom, and I didn't read a lot of other comics where Dire Wraiths made their presence known at that time.

  2. Neil Bogenrieder - Post author

    Slight continuity flub on my part. My personal interpretation of what happened is that Peter at least knows about the Dire Wraiths, given that the heroes returning from Battleworld would all need a catch-up on what had transpired while they were gone. (If I remember my Rom history (Which, as proven today, is rather sketchy) Secret Wars happened around the same time the Dire Wraiths made their big push on Earth.) So, given their abilities and previous ability to blend in on Earth, would give Peter reason to assume that the Dire Wraiths may be working with the Symbiotes. Still, I goofed up since Peter was long out of college by the time Secret Wars transpired. Thanks for the course correction. (Especially since I do pride myself on continuity, and hiccups like that leave me blushing fierce.)

  3. hornacek

    " or even those Dire Wraiths from when I was in college," When did this happen? I have the full set of the first Rom run and don't remember Spider-Man, or Peter Parker, appearing (I think when Ditko was drawing the book someone snuck in a Spider-Man head in a big shot of all Marvel heroes). Did he battle Dire Wraiths in his own book, once they became a global threat once Rom told the world (or at least SHIELD) about them in issue 50 or 60 something?

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