Joan Lee,Wife of Stan Lee, Dies at 93

The love of Stan Lee’s life has passed away at age 93. Joan Lee and Stan were married on December 5th, 1947. They were just shy of celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary. It was literally love at first sight, at least for Stan. There’s a famous story Stan often likes to tell about how Joan told him to write Fantastic Four #1. Just think, if she didn’t push him a bit there would be no Marvel Universe.
Check out these videos to see how much they loved each other. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Stan and his family. Also a little known fact, Joan Lee voiced Madam Webb in the 1990’s Spider-Man cartoon. Check out this clip with an animated Stan and Joan.

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  1. Ryan

    I always found Joan to be classy from what I knew of her. I did see her briefly in 1998 in Chicago when I was trying to meet Stan. I wanted her to sign my Madam Web toy I had from the 90s animated series, but never made it. I always loved hearing her voice on the various 90s Marvel animated series and seeing her in some of the Marvel films. Thoughts and prayers with the family.

  2. Al

    In memory of Joan Lee here is her and Stan's first meeting as depicted in Amazing Incredible Fantastic, Stan's comic book autobiography.

  3. Frontier

    From what I've read of Joan from anecdotes by Stan, she always seemed to be a really classy and smart woman who helped inspire Stan to create the Marvel Universe. So her contributions to both the life of her husband and to comics as a whole just can't be underscored.

  4. herbiepopnecker

    My thoughts and prayers are with Stan and family and friends. R.I.P., dear Joan.

  5. Brad Douglas - Post author

    Marvel has been pretty good at honoring those who have passed recently. I just saw a full page ad for Rich Butler. It'd be a nice tribute to put in a similar page honoring the first woman of Marvel.

  6. Matt Byrd

    Hey there Brad, I just got back from watching SMHC and had heard of Joan Lee's passing by a few other movie viewers who were in front of me while watching the movie. I just know that Stan Lee will address her love of a lifetime in the Spider-Man newspaper strip when he is ready to...I just hope that Marvel comics will speak of her passing. My question is do you think they will or not?

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