Watch the Crawlspace Podcast Live Review Homecoming

This Saturday, July 8th at 9pm central we will be recording our three podcasts live. You can join in and comment on the show via youtube. I’ve embedded the link below. On the show we’ll be tackling the following:
*Review of the Spider-Man: Homecoming movie.
*Reviews of Amazing Spider-Man and satellites.
*Tackling Spider-news.
Be sure to join in the fun as we record three episodes back to back. Also be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel.

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  1. Cheesedique

    Well, I'm glad I tuned in for this once again (today, not last night), for all the funny visual moments that would've been lost on me just listening to the Podcast. I pretty much agree with everyone's points, and I myself would give the movie a B+. It's really the best we could now hope for with Sony still involved in and meddling in Spidey's movies, and far better than what Sony would've come up with on their own now. That comes with the caveat that Spidey is a product of and made to fit in with Stark-world MCU, however. One thing I noticed nobody is mentioning: the beginning shows Toomes and his crew cleaning up after the Chituuri invasion of Avengers the first. Damage Control comes and takes over, and we get a title card that reads "8 years later". Now, I'm not trying to be pedantic here, but Happy himself later says "I've been waiting since 2008" to pull the wedding ring for Pepper out of his pocket, which to me was referencing Iron Man 1 coming out in 2008. Now, if we're to follow the idea that these movies are coming out in OUR years, shouldn't the title card read "5 years later" if the Chituuri invasion, and Avengers the first, came out in 2012? Just something I thought about later.

  2. hornacek

    Buying Spidey comics at my LCS, reading those comics before I go see Homecoming this evening, then home to watch the podcasts being recorded. It's "Spider-Man Day" for me!

  3. MacFrankenstein

    Hey guys! I'm a long time listener, and first time questioner. I don't think I'll be able to make it to the podcast recording Saturday, but I would like to submit this question: I haven't watched _Spider-man: Homecoming_, but the reviews I've seen and read suggest there are significant changes to the character's origin and universe, beyond the changes we saw in _Captain America: Civil War_. Now please correct me if I'm wrong on any of my assumptions here. Comic book sales in general have been declining. There is no great sales "bump" when there is a release of a new comic book movie, whether it is a Marvel or DC property. And given that, the creative people behind these comic book films feel confident enough to apply a great amount of creative license to comic book films. Also, I've heard the argument that in terms of Marvel superheroes, the last great popular original IP is Deadpool, created in 1991 (I'm not sure if the Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel has caught on as much as Deadpool has, and the Miles Morales Spider-man is perceived kind of as one of the other guys that wears webs...but again, correct me if I'm wrong) With that, it occurred to me that at some point, and perhaps fairly soon, Disney may choose to liquidate the comic book publishing division, and simply reprint collections of older comics, while what would be presented as the 'real' versions of Marvel characters appear in films and TV shows. Would you guys like to speculate on this? I have a feeling there's a flaw in my argument somewhere, but I'm not sure where...

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