Cobwebs #41: WHIZZZZT! (or – The Annotated Amazing Fantasy #15)

Think you know the original Spider-Man origin?  Then I am sure you are aware of what WHIZZZZT! is. And who Baxter Bigelow and Dr. Schwinner are.  And the proper way to fix wheatcakes and why Aunt May and Uncle Ben were terrified that Peter would go to the beach.  Let’s see just how many people were actually at that science exhibition, the name of the company putting on the science exhibition, and why you should never, EVER eat dead spiders anywhere, much less around radioactive experiments.  Oh, and let’s troll BD a bit, while we are at it.


A while back, I did Everything Non-Spider-Man about Amazing Fantasy #15.  Way before that, I looked at Pre-Silver Age Spider-Man.  So now it is time to examine EVERYTHING about Spider-Man dealing with Amazing Fantasy #15.

To do this, I figured a visual representation would work best, so I used Padlet.  The set up is simple – the pages of AF15 go down the middle while notes, images, videos, and websites hover around the page.

Once you are done, leave a comment that tells me something I missed or something that you saw that you didn’t already know.

To see the Padlet, CLICK HERE.


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(6) Comments

  1. Evan

    Wonderful, Mark! And you could always use your local library's Interlibrary Loan service to order a pdf of "The Untold Secret Origin of Spider-man," or at least a print copy. I just checked my library's database on the off-chance that we had access to an online edition of Comic Book Marketplace. (I would have scanned it myself if we had it in print.) I'd send you a pdf myself if I could!

  2. Mark Alford

    Glad you liked the Padlet form! I couldn't think of another way to connect it to the panels using the standard blog post. Researching AF15 is a pain because most sites are about it being for sell or just a passing mention due to it being the origin. You won Crawlspacer of the year! That is indeed Betty Brant!

  3. hornacek

    Love the Padlet format! The treasure that the Burglar was looking for in Aunt May's house was destroyed by silverfish. Comics taught my younger self what silverfish were. And I don't think they ever revealed what the "treasure" was, but it belonged to Dutch Malone. That woman in the Spider-Man outfit holding the burglar is, if I'm not mistaken, Betty Brant! From a What If issue from the 70s (?) that told 3 stories where someone else got bit by the spider - John Jameson, Flash Thompson (Captain Spider!), and Betty Brant (I think she may have been called Spider-Girl). In all three, Peter eventually creates a serum to give himself spider-powers, with the Watcher saying that Peter was always meant to be Spider-Man (I think there is a Marvel Two In One annual that also makes this claim, like it's some universal destiny).

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