Will Spider-Man PS4 Usurp Arkham Knight as the Best Superhero Game Ever?

Batman: Arkham Knight is generally considered to be one of the greatest superhero games ever made, with Andrew Reiner of The Star Online awarding it 9.5/10 and saying it had the “mother of all plot twists.” The Gotham City masterpiece wasn’t without its flaws, though, and has been criticized especially for the dull Batmobile-based missions. Spider-Man PS4 is set to be the biggest webslinger-based release in the last 15 years, and also has the potential to dethrone the Batman adventure at the top of the superhero charts.

Spider-Man PS4 is due for release early next year, and gamers can barely contain their excitement. The offering from Insomniac Games is certainly hitting the markets at the right time, as comic-book fans desperately crave more gaming content based on their favourite characters. In terms of a recent release, the console sector only has Injustice 2, and the iGaming sector is looking fairly sparse for superhero slots. There are no more Marvel-themed slots to play, so comic book fans who like to spin the reels are having to turn to games that take inspiration from superheroes instead. One of these is Blast Boom Bang, a Bitcoin slot game at Bitcasino. To play the game, players load up credits using a Bitcoin cashier, which is different than a regular cashier in that lower transaction costs are incurred.

In addition to the lack of superhero offerings, players who watch Spider-Man: Homecoming will also be itching to take control of the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man in an open-world adventure. Judging by the trailer for the game which was recently played at E3 2017, it is going to be the most epic one to date. It’s not based on the new Marvel film, which will feature a fledgling webslinger, but instead involves a much more experienced Spider-Man. This will mean that the developers can give the character advanced skills and it will fit with the storyline. Arkham Knight featured a similar situation, as the Dark Knight had reached the pinnacle of his powers and there were much cooler upgrades available.

From the gameplay trailer for the game, it was made apparent that the developers had decided to create a title that really gives the power to the player and lets them decide how to complete missions. Arkham Knight was good in its varied gameplay, but certain missions were predetermined as stealth or brawling levels and players weren’t able to choose. It seems that Spider-Man PS4 players will be able to select their favoured method of accomplishing a level, in a similar way to the multiple ways of completion that Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain was hailed for. In Spider-Man PS4 it is already clear that players will be able to choose to use stealth, their surroundings, or go in all guns (or webs) blazing. This also means that players could be enticed to play the game through again in a different style.

The developers at Insomniac Games have plenty of time to perfect their title before its spring 2018 release, and by the looks of things they will do just that. Gameplay-wise, it already looks to have the upper hand on Arkham Knight, but it needs to have a strong narrative to go down as one of the best superhero games ever.


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