DC Heroes Versus Marvel Heroes: Who Holds The Edge?

With series like “Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man” coming out against a backdrop of titles revolving around Batman v Superman, it is easy to see why the Marvel universe has been perceived as not quite as edgy an offering as DC’s fictional world.

On the flip side, it could be argued that Marvel heroes are easier to be molded into marketable, “nice” characters whom Disney can use to market as more wholesome brands. In fact, Disney’s attempt to water down some of the Marvel characters, a decision that included preventing some of the best-loved Marvel characters from appearing in slot games bearing their name, has gathered pace over the last few years.

DC Still Have That Edge

In contrast to this, take a quick look online and you can see bgo games, for instance, boasting a range of DC characters on their slots, such as Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and, of course, Batman. In fact, their Batman slots come in various guises, with the character joined by Batgirl, the Penguin, the Riddler, and the Joker. Disney may well be determined to sanitize the characters they own and are associated with, but in the DC universe, there is a gritty edge to the main characters, a trend best emphasized by the recent Dark Knight Trilogy of films. In that trilogy, Batman may well have been the hero, but he certainly wasn’t one without major flaws.

In one sense, this seems a little ironic considering that, back in the days of Mr Freeze and Poison Ivy, Batman was arguably regarded as a little bit silly and potentially a “past it” character that had little to no edge to be appealing beyond the confines of children’s comics.

Marveling At The Range of Characters

Having edgy characters who possess a degree of similarity to the Byronic hero makes for plenty of excitement and intrigue, but having a broad range of characters that appeal to wide swathes of people is equally as vital. In this sense, although Marvel aren’t going to be appearing on any bgo, Magical Vegas, or even Jackpotjoy slots online, although these brands feature officially licensed slots aplenty, including Jurassic World and Monopoly – Bring the House Down, they will still be able to make a serious amount of cash from their heroes by bringing them into that accessible environment. The success of Marvel films incorporating multiple appealing characters, including the Avengers titles, shows that this is a strategy that is working well for Marvel.

Perhaps the only downside to this debate is that for people who aren’t hugely into their comics, more clarity is required about who owns who, with the X-Men just one of a number of characters and groups that are no longer straightforward to categorize (Fox owns the screen rights, and Marvel has retaliated by trying to undermine these characters). Looking back to 1996, perhaps the way forward here is to create a movie that pits Marvel Vs DC against each other, letting the likes of Batman and Spider-Man fight it out to determine who really is best, before inevitability realizing that they should work together for the greater good of the universe and humankind! 

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  1. WolfCypher

    All i care about are the comics. The movies come and go, video games and cartoons are all ancillary. The native media of Marvel and DC which have lasted 60+ years, are the comics. In that regard ever since Marvel went full special ed on everyone and DC abandoned the New 52 for Rebirth, DC has proven the winner 10 to 1.

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