Slott talks about a 2099 Pitch that never was…

While Slott isn’t the biggest fan of us, some of us still have access to his twitter. Occationally, he will post things about Spider-Man, or Silver Surfer. Today was one of those days.
Back in the early 90s, he pitched for several titles, many of which weren’t succesful by any means. I appears he’s cleaning out his old files and shared with the world some of these findings:

Interesting that it was originally going to be 2092, which kinda doesn’t flow as well, don’t you think?

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  1. Pete Wiggins

    When I think what might've been, I thank God for Peter David and Rick Leonardi... While we're on the topic, to celebrate Miguel O'Hara's 25th anniversary, I've put together 3 Youtube vids showing Spider-Man 2099 vol.1 #1-3. If you're interested, follow the link...

  2. hornacek

    Spider-Man 2092 would have eventually time-traveled back in time 600 years to 1492 and interacted with Christopher Columbus.

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