Cobwebs 43.1: Superhero Salaries

“Hey cat, let’s zip on down to the Coffee Bean and catch the scene.  I’ll being MJ and you can bring Gwen.  It’ll be a scream, daddy-o!”  “Sorry, man, but I’m out of bread!”

OK, enough with the ’70s Harry and Peter lingo.  Want to know why Peter was always strapped for cash?  It’s because he didn’t have a career planner in school when he was there.  Thankfully, young to-be superheroes will not have that problem.  Zippia, an online career advise site, sent me an image of what the salaries are for our favorite superheroes from Marvel, DC, and Pixar.

I’ll present to you the image that was shared with me by Zippia and under it you can hit their website for a more detailed analysis of each one.

Superhero Salaries: How Much Does Your Favorite Hero Make?


Thanks to Drew from Zippia for passing this along (and for not buying into that Parker Industries nonsense)!




’nuff said

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