Previews: September 6th, 2017

Champions #12
Spider-Man/Deadpool #21
Spider-Man #20
Venomverse: War Stories #1
Venomverse #1 (RYV Mary Jane)

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Spider-Man/Deadpool #21

STORY BY Elliott Kalan
ART BY Todd Nauck
COLORS BY Rachelle Rosenberg
LETTERS BY VC’s Joe Sabino
COVER BY Ed McGuinness and Will Robson

• When the villainous ARCADE decides to build a second, even deadlier Murderworld in Madripoor, he kidnaps Spider-Man and forces him to be the park’s first guest!

• Deadpool, meanwhile, has a bone to pick with Arcade… Namely that his terrifying theme parks are besmirching murder and its good name!


Spider-Man #20

STORY BY Brian Michael Bendis
ART BY Nico Leon
COLORS BY Justin Ponsor
LETTERS BY VC’s Cory Petit
COVER BY Ming Doyle, Patrick Brown and David Nakayama

• Miles Morales, you’re under arrest!

• If Miles’ parents weren’t already freaking out about their son, they are now!


Venomverse # 1
(RYV Mary Jane)

STORY BY Cullen Bunn
ART BY Iban Coello
COLORS BY Matt Yackey
LETTERS BY VC’s Joe Caramagna
COVER BY Clayton CrainElizabeth TorqueGustavo Duarte,
Nick Bradshaw, Todd McFarlane, Chris Stevens,
Tyler Kirkham and Mike Deodato Jr.


During a routine battle with the villainous Jack O’Lantern, Venom finds himself transported to a far-off world and learns a terrible truth – a deadly new species called the Poisons has emerged from the vastness of space, and to make matters worse, they’re hunting Venoms! Trapped on the planet’s surface with a ragtag band of Venomized heroes, Eddie has no choice but to mount a counteroffensive and hope to find a way home!


Venomverse: War Stories #1

STORY BY Aaron CovingtonCullen BunnDeclan Shalvey, and Magdalene Visaggio
ART BY Annapaola MartelloDeclan Shalvey, and Khary Randolph
COLORS BY Emilio Lopez and Java Tartaglia
COVER BY Francesco Mattina and Ron Lim

• Sure, you know about some of the adventures All-New Wolverine, Gwenpool, Ghost Rider, Old Man Logan and Deadpool went on with their symbiotes, but what about the rest?!

• Featuring a star-studded lineup of creators and characters, including…

• …a VENOMIZED PUNISHER story written and drawn by Declan Shalvey!

• And the awesome adventures of VENOMIZED ROCKET RACCOON by Magdalene Visaggio!


Champions #12

STORY BY Mark Waid
ART BY Humberto Ramos and Victor Olazaba
COLORS BY Edgar Delgado
LETTERS BY VC’s Clayton Cowles
COVER BY David Nakayama and Humberto Ramos


• The Champions team was born from a fracture inside the Avengers. Now the events of SECRET EMPIRE have divided the Champions — and which ones are still with the team may surprise you!



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