Spider-Man Writer Lein Wein Passes Away At Age 69


Len Wein wrote my very first issue of Amazing Spider-Man and made me a life-long fan. My first Spider-Man that I remember was Marvel Team Up Annual #2. After that I got a three pack of Marvel comics bagged. Inside the bag were Amazing Spider-Man # 178, Incredible Hulk #222 and Captain America # 223. I read those three books so many times and they were tattered as only a three year old kid could do.
Wein passed away this weekend after undergoing a recent surgery earlier this month. Wein was the third writer to take on Spider-Man in his Amazing title. He had big shoes to fill after Stan Lee and Gerry Conway both knocked it out of the park. Wein’s lasted from Amazing Spider-Man #151-180. His run didn’t change the course of Peter’s life too much, but he did have some highlights.
*He co-created Stegron the Living Dinosaur Man in Marvel Team Up # 19
*He married Betty and Ned Leeds
*He brought back Hammerhead as a Ghost.
*He had Bart Hamilton take over the Green Goblin role from Harry Osborn
*Co-Created the Will-O-Wisp
*He wrote Amazing Spider-Man #153 titled the “Longest Hundred Yards.” It’s a personal favorite of our own Spider-Historian JR. It was also released the year and month I was born.
Spider-Man was just a blip on his mark on comics. He will always be known for co-creating Wolverine, Storm and Nightcrawler.
Check out this fun interview with Conway, Wein and Marv Wolfman who took over the Amazing book from Wein.

Rest in peace Mr. Wein and thank you for a lifetime of entertainment. Thanks to Bertone for snapping this Crawlspace love pic of Wein back in 2010.

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