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It’s been a very long two and a half weeks, but the site is now at a new host and we have a brand new shiny message board!  As many of you’ve probably noticed the site has been up and down for two weeks. The last post was on October 8th and I didn’t plan on it being down more than a couple of hours. I was updating our message board to the latest software. I had hired Mark at to do the upgrades. My old web host couldn’t handle any tweaks and decided to take the site down. They then nickle and dimed me to get the site back up. Do not, I repeat do not sign up with

When I signed up with them four years ago their customer service was great. They have now outsourced their tech support to folks where English is not a first language. It took dozens of e-mails, and phone calls to fix the problem. Their reply every time was that I had to spend more money.
Long story short, the Crawlspace now lives in Texas. George and Zach now have a new neighbor. I decided to go with hostwinds. They have been great to work with as I moved the site over to their virtual private servers. The Crawlspace is about 50 gigs worth of information and they got it up and running and they reply to chat and e-mails very efficiently.
There are a couple of people I’d like to thank during this long ordeal.
*Mark at phpbbservices. The new message board looks great! I thank you for the dozens of e-mails we sent back and forth. Anytime I need to upgrade the board I’m going with you. If you have a board, I highly recommenced him.

*Zach, shameless plug for During the transition my old host deleted all of our menus. At one point you could visit the site but not navigate it. Zach re-built the menus and as he always does, he did  a great job. He’s one of the biggest supporters of the site and an even better friend. Thanks buddy!

*The Patreon and Paypal supporters. This wasn’t a cheap undertaking to do. I am out several hundred dollars with this upgrade, but your donations helped make the payments less painful. Thank you for your continued support.

*You the visitor. The site has been online for 19 years and I really thought we lost it in the move. I’d transferred hosts a few times over the years, but this one was the worst. I know literally millions of you have visited the site and enjoy it. Trust me, I see the numbers. I’m not ready to hang up the webs yet because I know so many of you enjoy coming here. So these upgrades have made it more stable and secure for several years to come.

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