What came out of NYCC 2017 Panels

What happened at this years NYCC panels

Meet Marvel – Retailer Panel
Marvel Legacy: Next Big Thing
MARVEL: House of Ideas
Marvel Legacy: Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends
Marvel Legacy: Avengers
STAN LEE & JOE QUESADA In Conversation
Marvel Animation Presents
Women of Marvel

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Meet Marvel – Retailer Panel


16:20 – Amazing Spider-Man Annual #42 will arrive in February, and will deal with the fallout of the end of Parker Industries.

16:20 – Lowe spoke about the previously announced Venom Inc., a crossover between Amazing Spider-Man and Venom, written by Dan Slott and Mike Costa. Ryan Stegman will draw the two bookend one-shots, as well as the Amazing Spider-Man series.

16:21 – Eddie Brock and Black Cat will play big parts in the story.

16:22 – A new story called “Poison X” spinning out of Venomverse will kick off in January, starting in X-Men: Blue Annual #1.

16:23 – Christina Harrington spoke about the crossover, which will take place in X-Men: Blue and Venom, and will have “big ramifications on certain characters,” including Cyclops.

16:23 – The story starts when the X-Men kidnap Venom.

16:23 – X-Men: Gold involved the classic Excalibur team. It looks like Meggan has a baby.

16:28 – There’s always the possibility that Power Pack, like any of the Legacy one-shots, could return as more than a single issue, depending on sales.

16:33 – Fisk as Mayor will affect most of the Marvel Universe.

16:51 – Soule said that one of the main things that the Marvel Legacy creators wanted to bring to the titles is consistency and interconnectedness between titles.

16:55 – Lowe closed the panel by responding to complaints about replacement characters or characters being changed saying that there will continue to be characters that appeal to all readers of Marvel Comics, and that they are committed to both their new and returning characters.

Bleeding Cool

Lots of Spider-Man and X-Men stories coming out of New York Comic Con. First, the original X-Men return in X-Men Gold Annual #1 by Leah Williams and Marc Guggenheim in January, with an Alan Davis cover.

Flash Thompson will have a huge role in Venom Inc. Here are some Stegman interiors…

Amazing Spidey Annual #42 will tie into Legacy issues of Amazing Spider-Man big time. Spider-Man is hated, and he is the menace. Classic annual size. Peter Parker is back at the Daily Bugle. New take in the classic feel. Art by Corey Smith. Mayor Fisk shows up, as well

But the big Spider-Man and X-Men news is Poison X. A huge crossover between Venom and X-Men: Blue, the original time-displaced young X-Men. It will begin in the X-Men: Blue Annual. And the whole of the rest of the crossover will ship in February as the X-Men kidnap Venom.

Bleeding Cool

Archie has been doing all-ages/kids versions of Marvel characters in digest format for supermarkets. IDW has been doing kids Star Wars comics. It looks like Marvel may be stepping up a little, with a new series starting in April 2018: Marvel Super Hero Adventures. Spider-Man will team up with more kid-friendly versions of Marvel’s superhero lineup. Written by Jim McCann and illustrated by Dario Brizuela.

Marvel Legacy: Next Big Thing


19:51 – Charles Soule has joined the panel.

19:52 – Deadpool will continue to crossover with Defenders, continuing into “Kingpins of New York,” the title’s “Legacy” arc.

19:52 – Kingpin and Black Cat will appear in the series.

19:53 – Charles Soule said he “gave New York City to Wilson Fisk.”

MARVEL: House of Ideas


19:26 – Up next, Marvel Video Comics, which Lowe described as “part comics, part animation,” which are featured on the Disney XD youtube page.

19:27 – The one shown featured Spider-Man and Iron Man.

19:27 – The style is reminiscent of the original 60s Marvel cartoons, where static images are lightly animated.

19:28 – The animation also incorporates panel-style image compositing and panel borders.

Marvel Legacy: Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends


19:49 – Zdarsky described Spectacular #297 as “Die Hard for Peter Parker” in which he has to escape from his apartment building while SHIELD agents hunt him.

19:49 – Starting in #298, Black Panther will appear. “Is he friend or foe? He’s probably a friend…” joked Zdarsky.

19:51 – Their only clue to finding the Richards family lies with Doctor Doom.

19:56 – In the upcoming Falcon series, Sam Wilson will fight Blackheart, the son of Mephisto.

19:56 – Slott discussed The Amazing Spider-Man, and the fallout of “The Fall of Parker,” in which Peter Parker loses his company and his wealth.

Peter Parker will go back to the Daily Bugle – but “in a way you’ve never seen Peter Parker at the Bugle before.”

19:57 – In ASM #790, Peter Parker has lost the Baxter Building, which may put him at odds with his friend the Human Torch.

Peter Parker and Bobbi Morse will be dating in upcoming issues.

19:58 – In “Legacy,” Venom will face Kraven the Hunter.

19:59 – In December, Venom Inc. will crossover Amazing Spider-Man and Venom.

19:59 – Slott teased that Eddie Brock and Flash Thompson would both play a role in Venom Inc.

20:00 – The series is co-written by Dan Slott and Mike Costa.

20:01 – Venom and X-Men will crossover in X-Men: Blue Annual #1.

20:04 – Latour said the story was coming on the heels of the last year of stories. The Venom symbiote will give Gwen “more power than she’s ever had – too much power.”

20:05 – Gwen will finally square off with Matt Murdock, a conflict that’s been building for some time.

20:06 – In Spider-Man #234, a new Sinister Six will debut to challenge Miles Morales. The new team consists of Iron Spider, Sandman, Electro, Hobgoblin, the Spot, and Bombshell.

20:06 – “It’s gonna be pretty darn impactful on Miles’ life,” said Lewis.

20:09 – Editor Allison Stock spoke about Ben Reilly: The Scarlet Spider, which will continue Ben’s struggle with deciding between being a hero or villain.

20:10 – Scarlet Spider’s “Legacy” story will bring back the Slingers.

20:12 – Robbie Thompson spoke about taking over Spider-Man/Deadpool in “Legacy,” saying “That shark on the cover is one of our main characters!”

20:13 – Deadpool is now one of the most wanted men in the Marvel Universe after killing Agent Coulson, leading Spider-Man to try to bring him to justice.

20:14 – The Chameleon is returning in Spider-Man/Deadpool.

20:20 – A fan implored the panelists to bring back Ultimate Jessica Drew, prompting Slott to joke that he would – but that he’d kill her.

20:22 – A fan asked about Peter Parker and Mary Jane, with Lowe pointing the fan towards Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows, which will jump 8 years into the future in “Legacy.”

20:27 – Latour said that the door to a relationship between Gwen and Miles was left open intentionally – but the story isn’t there yet.

20:31 – The panelists ran down their favorite Spider-Man stories, with most of them agreeing that Ultimate Spider-Man and Kraven’s Last Hunt were particular favorites.

20:36 – A fan asked if Scarlet Spider and Venom would meet. Lewis told him to “keep reading.”

20:41 – A fan asked about Norman Osborn’s future – specifically the tease in Marvel Legacy #1. Slott said that Osborn’s quest for power would continue – but he couldn’t say where.

20:44 – Slott coyly teased that Carlie Cooper could appear again.

Comic Book Resources

First up: Chip Zdarsky talking the upcoming “Most Wanted” arc of Spectacular Spider-Man. Zdarsky said it’s a Die Hard-esque situation for Peter Parker, and a story that’s both “an insane amount of fun” and “dramatically, drastically serious.”

In December, Black Panther will guest star in the series, who is interested in the information carried by Teresa Parker. “Friend or foe?” Zdarsky asked. “Probably friend. Maybe foe.” “But probably friend,” Lowe added.

Writer Rodney Barnes talked Falcon, saying it was a challenge, in a good way, to push the character in new directions given how much he’s been through in recent years. “He’s going to be fighting Blackheart, Mephisto’s son, which is out of his weight class, but he’s going to find a way to do battle with him.”

Dan Slott talked the “Fall of Parker” arc in Amazing Spider-Man. The writer said he and Marvel has given Peter Parker money and success, and now, they’ll “take it all away from him and drop him lower than he’s ever been before.” A fan audibly said “aww.” “Yeah, feel that way!” Slott responded.

The arc will see Peter Parker back at the Daily Bugle, “in a way you’ve never seen Peter at the Daily Bugle before.” He also reminded fans that Peter bought the Baxter Building, and promised Johnny Storm he’ll look after it — “and he’s lost everything.”

Additionally, romance is in the works for Spider-Man and Mockingbird. “We’re going to see Pete and Bobbi try to make things work,” Slott said.

Marvel editor Devin Lewis talked about upcoming events in Venom, including the return of Shriek. Also on the horizon: “Venom Inc.,” a crossover between Venom and Amazing Spider-Man, written by Slott and Venom writer Mike Costa. Slott said fans can expect Eddie Brock, Flash Thompson and plenty more Venom-associated characters.

That’s not all for Venom: He’ll also turn up in X-Men: Blue Annual #1, due out in January 2018. The story will heavily feature Cyclops’ space pirate Corsair, as something bad — and Venom-related — has happened to him. The title of the story is “Poison X.”

Jason Latour talked the “Gwenom” arc of Spider-Gwen, which starts in October with issue #25. It’ll feature a powered-up Gwen and a face-off with the villainous Matt Murdock.

Lowe talked the upcoming Spider-Man arc introducing a new Sinister Six, and the new Iron Spider.

Editor Allison Stock and artist Will Sliney talked the latest Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider developments. Stock said the title character is trying to “figure out if he’s a good guy or a bad guy.” Also: the Slingers will return in the series.

Thompson on Spider-Man/Deadpool: “We’re picking up after the events of Secret Empire,” Thompson said. “Both Spider-Man and Deadpool have been positioned in really fun, neat ways. Deadpool killed America’s sweetheart, Agent Coulsn, and is now the most wanted man in the Marvel Universe. Spider-Man has decided it’s time for Deadpool to go to a place called jail. We’re kind of calling it ‘Spider-Man vs. Deadpool’ at the beginning. Deadpool’s decided he tried, and failed, and he’s going to go back to being the Merc with a Mouth. he’s having a great time. Spider-Man is not having a great time.”

Question for full panel: Favorite takes on Spidey? Thompson named Hannah Blumenreich’s Spidey Zine. Slott cited the ’60s animated series. Zdarsky: “After I got out of comics and got back in, Ultimate Spider-Man. It’s such a fresh take on the origin. It’s a great starting point. It’s a way back into comics.”

Sliney said he was the same age as Peter Parker when Ultimate Spider-Man came out, “So he should be this old right now.” “And Irish,” Slott joked. Lewis: “Supeior Spider-Man.” Latour: “‘Kraven’s Last Hunt’ is one of my favorite comics ever. It’s full of these weighted, existential crises.” Barnes said he’s also a “Kraven’s Last Hunt” fan, along with the Todd McFarlane era of Spider-Man. Stock: “It’s hard to choose a favorite, but if I’m going to judge by the story that struck me the most, I’m going to have to go with Superior.”

Latour said that readers will see Spider-Ham again.

Any news on Black Cat? “She plays a very big way into ‘Venom Inc.,’” Lowe said. “And she’s also a pretty key player in Defenders.”

Status of Spider-Man 2099? Sliney said “there’s a possibility” the character can return to the present, but right now he’s constrained to 2100.” “The thing about Marvel characters is that they’re never looking for trouble,” Lewis joking purposefully, “I’m pretty sure we’ll never see him leave 2100.”

Bleeding Cool

Chip Zdarsky talked about his story in Spectacular Spider-Man #297 — its “Die Hardin an apt building” where some ex-SHIELD agents and a swat team are after him and he has to get out revealing his secret id. Black Panther will be guest starring in #298 and Zdarsky asked, “will he be friend or foe? Well, probably friend, but check it out!”

Dan Slott talked about the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man storyline: ‘Fall of Peter Parker’. Peter has lost all his wealth and Slott revealed that he will find his way back to the Daily Bugle, but his new connection with the newspaper will be “very different than before.”

Slott talked about how Norman Osborn doesn’t get anything from the goblin serum anymore, so he will have to get powers from somewhere else — and he hinted strongly that he’s clearly going to get them from some other existing Marvel property — Slott joked that he’s actually the new Spider-Gwen.

Venom editor Devin Lewis talked about the Venom series. He said they have a “no tongue rule” about the character because he hates Venom’s tongue. Chip Zdarsky then spontaneously pitched his idea that the tongue gets its own symbiote.

Lewis then showed some preview art for the Venom series which, of course, featured his tongue prominently, which drew some mockery from his fellow panelists.

They talked about the upcoming crossover between Venom and Amazing Spider-Man — Venom Inc. Slott was asked “Will Spider-Man wear the symbiote again?”– Slott hinted that he would but said “wait and see — don’t miss Venom Inc!”. Slott also clarified that the symbiote no longer knows that Peter is Spider-Man due to Anti-Venom and One More Day: “I know it’s complicated, but thanks for your patience,” he told the crowd.

They also talked about the upcoming crossover between Venom and the X-Men, which will be shown in X-Men: Blue Annual #1. “It’s a lot of fun,” said Lewis.

Robbie Thompson talked about Spider-Gwen and their upcoming “Gwenom” storyline. It’s what he has been building to from the beginning, he says. He also noted that Gwen is different from Peter Parker in that she is in constant conflict with her dad’s legacy.

The panel was asked about their favorite era of Spider-Man. Sliney answered that it was Ultimate Spider-Man because he was the same age as Peter when it first came out: “I still can’t bring myself to read the last Peter issue,” he said, because he loves it so much. Lowe said Superior Spider-Man was his favorite run while Thompson cited Kraven’s Last Hunt, which he said belongs up there with other late-’80s classics like Daredevil, Watchmen, and Dark Knight Returns.

Marvel Legacy: Avengers


16:37 – Amanat spoke about the childrens book series Marvel Superhero Adventures, which are early reader chapter books featuring Spider-Man teaming up with other Marvel heroes.

16:38 – The books will spin off into a new Marvel Superhero Adventures comic book series.

Comic Book Reources

Switching gears, Amanat talked the Marvel Super Hero Adventures line of books. “It takes Spider-Man and pairs him up with some of our great Marvel characters, like Spider-Gwen, like Squirrel Girl,” Amanat said, calling them “fantastic chapter books” for young readers. “At the end of every single book is a one-page comic strip, which is a great introduction to comics for a young reader.”

There will also be a comic book series, written by Jim McCann and drawn by Dario Brizuela. “We’re very excited about this book, you’ll see Marvel Super Hero Adventures everywhere across Marvel.”

Bleeding Cool

Moving on to a complete change of pace, the Marvel Super Hero Adventures books are aimed at a much more all ages feel involving all kinds of Marvel characters like Spider-Man, Squirrel Girl, and Spider-Gwen, and sharing great lessons about teamwork and friendship. And at the end of each book is a one-page comic strip to introduce kids to comics, and there will also be a comic series by the same name byJim McCann, Dario Brizuela, and cover by Guriheru.

Jack Kirby – King of Comics

Evanier was asked about the perennial controversy over whether and to what extent Kirby was involved in the creation of Spider-Man.

“I believe Jack walked in Stan Lee’s office and suggested that they do a character called Spider-Man, who climbs buildings, walks on walls, etc.” Stan may have also had the idea simultaneously — but Evanier definitely believes Jack came up with it himself — he has seen a title logo that Kirby made years earlier.

The plot involved a teenager who turned into a superhero – “Billy Batson/ Captain Marvel style.” However, even more than Captain Marvel the story resembles an older Kirby creation: Tommy Troy/ The Fly — the Archie/MLJ character. Evanier believes Steve Ditko may have been the one to notice the similarity — Ditko having worked on the original Fly series after Kirby.

This led Lee to abandon Kirby’s approach to the character — while Archie may not sue “Joe Simon [The Fly’s co-creator with Kirby] definitely would” according to Evanier. Lee’s explanation, that he thought Kirby’s Spider-Man was too big and muscly, is belied by the fact that Lee used Kirby extensively on the character in his early issues — often replacing Ditko’s Spider-Man drawings with Kirby’s figures on early covers.

The project was then restarted with Ditko, who Evanier believes is responsible for designing Spider-Man’s distinctive costume. However, Evanier maintains that many elements in Spider-Man’s origin — the fact that the protagonist is a teenager, the burglar plot, and the whole moral of ‘great power comes great responsibility’ are present in Kirby’s original plot. He said that 30 pages in his upcoming biography of Kirby are devoted to this topic.

STAN LEE & JOE QUESADA In Conversation


22:45 – Lee confessed he believed Goodman never read any of the comic books he had published.

22:47 – Martin Goodman’s son Chip was supposed to try to sell a Spider-Man comic strip for newspaper syndication – but when Chip left Marvel the pitch pages were found in his desk, never having been sent out. “They were a great family to work for,” said Lee dryly.

23:03 – Lee said John Romita was one of the best and most dependable artists ever. “He doesn’t get enough publicity.”

23:03 – Romita took over Spider-Man after co-creator Steve Ditko left. His first few issues looked just like Ditko, slowly incorporating his own style to make the transition between artists.

23:04 – Lee continued to sing Romita’s praises. “You couldn’t get a better guy to work with.”

23:04 – “I was lucky to work with the best artists – they made me look good!”

23:05 – Lee, Romita, and Kirby would all carpool home to Long Island on Fridays – leading Romita to witness the creation of many Marvel stories.

23:06 – “I never told Jack or any other artists exactly what to draw,” Lee said, explaining the “Marvel method” in which he would provide a plot and then add dialog over the finished pages.

23:07 – Lee would leave all the visual storytelling and pacing in the hands of the artists “as long as they kept the basic idea.”

23:08 – Lee said he could never pick a favorite among the artists he worked with, because he felt their work was always, in his words, “perfect.”

23:10 – He said the only problem or disagreement he ever had was with Steve Ditko., when they were ready to reveal the identity of the Green Goblin. Lee wanted to reveal him as Norman Osborn (his eventual secret identity). Ditko disagreed with the idea.

23:11 – Lee said Ditko opposed because it was too coincidental – too unlike real life.

23:11 – It eventually came down to Lee feeling readers would be disappointed if the character’s secret identity, which had been a longrunning plot point, was revealed as an unfamiliar character.

23:12 – Lee speculated that the situation had led to Ditko’s departure. “It’s a shame because Ditko was wonderful, he was such a great artist.”

23:27 – Lee spoke about pushing the Comics Code Authority to allow him to portray drug use in the famous Spider-Man story in which Harry Osborn became addicted to drugs.

23:28 – The Code Authority never approved the issue – so Lee published it anyway, This led to the loosening of the code to allow negative portrayal of drug use.

23:29 – Lee said he couldn’t even name any actual drugs, having never actually used them. His aim with the story was to prevent people from becoming addicted to drugs.

23:29 – “It was the one time I was proud to work with my publisher.”

Marvel Animation Presents


16:04 – The panel kicked off with Marvel SVP of Animation Cort Lane speaking about Marvel’s Spider-Man cartoon, which is currently airing on Disney XD.

16:05 – Part of an episode featuring Venom is being shown.

16:16 – In the clip, Spider-Man encounters Venom for the first time. Thinking it’s Tony Stark underneath, he tries to track it, leading to a second fight. When Peter finds out it’s not Tony, Venom’s identity becomes a mystery.

16:17 – The Venom story will lead to crossover episodes with the Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon.

16:18 – Joe Quesada will play a role in the series as the owner of the Cup O’ Joe coffee shop – which includes the Cup O’ Joe logo.

16:36 – Ms. Marvel will also appear in the upcoming Black Panther Quest series. That series features an art style more in line with the newer Spider-Man cartoon.

16:56 – A young fan asked if any other Spider-heroes, like Iron Spider, would show up in the new Spider-Man series. Lane said Miles Morales, Anya Corazon, and Gwen Stacy may all become heroes in the upcoming season. The fan – who was dressed as Spider-Man – seemed incredibly excited.

16:57 – A fan asked if Peter Parker’s powers would evolve over the show. Lane said Peter’s greatest power is his scientific mind, which would lead to him finding new tools and new abilities because of that as the show rolls on.

16:57 – No plans yet for Silk – but there are “big plans” in the works for Squirrel Girl in animation.

16:58 – An announcement will come in the next few months.

17:01 – A big Spider-Man comic book story from recent years will be adapted in upcoming episodes of Spider-Man – though Lane couldn’t reveal what it would be.

Comic Book Resources

Lane kicked off the panel with the first half of Spider-Man episode 15, “where we bring Venom into an episode.” The episode will officially air October 21, but those in attendance got a sneak peek, which revealed the alien symbiote had found a new host and was on the loose in New York City. In the same episode, Peter begins to tutor Flash Thompson, who is one of several characters to become Venom in the comics.

After Spider-Man, Lane revealed that the series will cross over with Guardians of the Galaxy Season 3, which recently explored in the “Symbiote War” storyline in Season 2. “Those storylines come together with this storyline… in one big symbiote story,” he explained.

“We decided that… we have the symbiote, so we consider them ours… we decided to do a crossover,” Scott added. The opening of Guardians of the Galaxy Season 3 will be a two-part crossover with Spider-Man.

He also announced that former Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Joe Quesada will have his very own role in Spider-Man. “The coffee house that is used frequently… is called Cup of Joe’s,” he said. “Joe Quesada will appear as himself as a proprietor of Cup of Joe’s.”

Marvel Animation will make eight more Funko shorts featuring characters from throughout the Marvel Universe, including Spider-Man, Thor, Ant-Man, Captain America, Venom, Loki and Doctor Strange.

“We have just launched Marvel HQ, a massive destination on YouTube and the YouTube kids app,” Lane announced. The app will feature full episodes of Guardians of the GalaxySpider-ManAvengers and more and can be accessed online at YouTube.com/MarvelHQ. “We have launched already with 50 video files and there are hundred more to come,” he revealed. “We’ll be featuring our first two seasons of Avengers.”

Additionally, there are “no plans yet but a lot of thoughts” about Silk being in Spider-Man. However, Miles, Anya and Gwen are on the path to becoming superheroes.

Bleeding Cool

Joe Quesada will appear in the Ultimate (I’m sure he meant) Marvel’s Spider-Man TV series the proprietor of the Cup O Joe cafe and act as a mentor to Spider-Man in the series.

Quesada has been running Cup O Joe panels and columns in Marvel comics for decades now. Could this be a long-term extension of the brand?

Bleeding Cool

Joe Quesada will appear in the Ultimate (I’m sure he meant) Marvel’s Spider-Man TV series, that Stan Lee himself will appear as a character in the Guardians Of The Galaxy animation.

The cartoon will crossover with Ultimate Spider-Man in a storyline that involves Symbiotes, with Stan Lee himself getting involved. And looking like this.

The crossover involves the symbiotes escaping confinement by Collector, following the Planet of Symbiotes storyline. Lee’s character works for The Collector…

Bleeding Cool

First off they showed the first 10 minutes from an upcoming episode of Marvel’s Spider-Man featuring Venom. Spider-Man encounters the character and spends the episode trying to figure out his identity under the symbiote – he seems to think that it’s Tony Stark, and the show hints that Max Modell may be him. In the show they call the symbiote “V252”– a clear reference Amazing Spider-Man #252 in which the black costume/ symbiote debuted. One of Spider-Man and Venom’s fights in the show involves scenes in the Cup’ o’ Joe café – after the presentation Lane revealed that Joe Quesada will appear in the series and act as a kind of mentor to Spider-Man/Peter Parker.

Lane talked about how the symbiotes have appeared in the show before during the Planet of the Symbiotes arc, and now this will lead in to a full-fledged crossover with Marvel’s Spider-Man. That story will feature a cameo from Stan Lee where 3 symbiotes escape from The Collector and Lane showed a short clip from the episode.

The audience got to ask Lane a few questions – could the Champions appear in any of the animated series? ”I can answer no to that” said Lane.

Will there be more continuity and crossovers between the shows?” There’s the most direct continuity between Guardians of The Galaxy and Spider-Man because there is not “a lot of conflict there” in terms of storylines but “This stuff” – continuity “has always been part of what makes Marvel great “so they are open to more of it.

Someone asked if any of the Web Warriors be introduced in Marvel’s Spider-Man? “There are some things I can’t talk about Season 2, but if you look at Season 1 there is a path to superherodom for Miles Morales, Anya Corazon and Gwen Stacy“

Women of Marvel


20:18 – Cadenhead was next to talk a little about her Superhero Adventure chapter books.

20:19 – “This is for your kids, and how we want to introduce them into the Marvel fold,” said Cadenhead.

20:20 – All the chapterbooks are team-ups, and feature characters like Spider-Gwen and Squirrel Girl.

20:21 – “This is what our dream would have been when I started at Marvel, but it’s become something newer and bigger… it’s not gender separated anymore and I love that,” Cadenhead finished.

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