Venom Movie Casting Call for Lethal Protector?

The new Venom movie has completed two weeks of filming and actor Tom Hardy has released two images from the production. They don’t tell us much, but Eddie Brock looks to have some tattoos under the suit.
Several reports say the movie will adapt the 1993 Lethal Protector storyline from the first Venom mini series. That had Venom move to San Francisco to get away from Spidey.

A recent casting call has been released. This could be a clue to some of the roles that may become symbiotes.

[FEMALE PARAMEDIC]20’s, very attractive, physical type. MUST speak fluent Mandarin…CO-STAR

[ZIGGY]19, a male guitar player, he is a rocker or punk guy who never stops playing the guitar…CO-STAR

[LEWIS DONTAE]Male, serious, very physical soldier of fortune. MUST be a stunt performer…CO-STAR

[BABY NIGHT]50’s-60’s, former hippie, now homeless. MUST be able to sing…CO-STAR

[MRS. CHEN]50’s-60’s, funny, endearing Asian woman who owns the corner store…CO-STAR

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  1. hornacek

    These character descriptions are NOTHING like the characters from the Lethal Protector mini-series!Or maybe they are. I can't remember. Does anyone actually remember anything from that story except that it started Venom as an anti-hero protecting the innocents?

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