Youtube Spidey Wins New Car With Views

Youtube views can often translate into sales. A Dutch automaker understands that concept and is embracing it. Opel automotive is letting car buyers pay in youtube views. This is the car you can get and and how many views you need to get.
• The Karl Rocks Online Edition (€14,747) costs 589,900 YouTube views ($17,122.59 U.S. Dollars)
• The Corsa Online Edition (€18,490) costs 739,600 YouTube views ($21,471.51 U.S. Dollars)
• The Astra Online Edition (€23,070) costs 922,800 YouTube views(26,790.04 U.S. Dollars)

Yuri Schuurkes was able to get the most expensive model by dressing up in a Spider-Man suit. His video has received more than five million views. He also has a website here and you can like him on Facebook. 

For more on how the project works check out this video.

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