Cobwebs #46: WHEEEE! No Prize Contest for Most Embarrassing Moment

It’s time again for the November Customary Creative Cobwebs No Prize Contest!  This time we are covering the most embarrassing moment in the Crawling Cavalier’s history!  Read on, fellow Marvel Zombies, and find out all the details for a crazy contest so captivating, we could only call it “WHEEEE!”


Watch this clip from a recent podcast reviewing Spectacular Spider-Man #2:

You can go here for the full podcast.


I want to focus on the part where Fake Mike says, “That is the single most embarrassing image in a Spider-Man comic this year.”  Here’s the image:

Now that’s pretty embarrassing, but I want us to find the most embarrassing Spider-Man moment of ALL time.

The rules?  Let’s say it must involve Peter Parker or Ben Reilly when we thought Ben was the real Peter (Miles, Miguel, etc. do not count).  Peter or Ben do not have to be the star of the embarrassment.  Outside of that, all is fair game!

Now, in the podcast, Brad already takes two scenes out of the running.  The first one is when Spider-Man kisses Mattie Franklin (or as George corrects, Mattie kisses Spider-Man)


and when Spider-Man kisses Gwen and Norman Osborn’s daughter.

And I am going to take an easy one out of the running – the web diaper!


OK folks – the coveted Crawlspace No-Prize is up for grabs!  All entries due by Friday.  The winner will be announced on Saturday where that famed individual will then go on to join the Hallowed Ranks of Cobwebsdom along with the highly esteemed:

Hornacek – 2016
xellos85 – 2015


So, are you up for the challenge?  Are you ready to go head to head with your fellow Crawlspace compadres?

So why are you still reading?  Get to work researching!  Need more, frantic one?  OK – First one to get this answer will get a gold star next to their name on the chart in the official Crawlspace office where we keep track of all Crawlspace readers – who is Bill Dubay?


‘Nuff Said!


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