Cobwebs #46: WHEEEE! No Prize Contest for Most Embarrassing Moment

It’s time again for the November Customary Creative Cobwebs No Prize Contest!  This time we are covering the most embarrassing moment in the Crawling Cavalier’s history!  Read on, fellow Marvel Zombies, and find out all the details for a crazy contest so captivating, we could only call it “WHEEEE!”


Watch this clip from a recent podcast reviewing Spectacular Spider-Man #2:

You can go here for the full podcast.


I want to focus on the part where Fake Mike says, “That is the single most embarrassing image in a Spider-Man comic this year.”  Here’s the image:

Now that’s pretty embarrassing, but I want us to find the most embarrassing Spider-Man moment of ALL time.

The rules?  Let’s say it must involve Peter Parker or Ben Reilly when we thought Ben was the real Peter (Miles, Miguel, etc. do not count).  Peter or Ben do not have to be the star of the embarrassment.  Outside of that, all is fair game!

Now, in the podcast, Brad already takes two scenes out of the running.  The first one is when Spider-Man kisses Mattie Franklin (or as George corrects, Mattie kisses Spider-Man)


and when Spider-Man kisses Gwen and Norman Osborn’s daughter.

And I am going to take an easy one out of the running – the web diaper!


OK folks – the coveted Crawlspace No-Prize is up for grabs!  All entries due by Friday.  The winner will be announced on Saturday where that famed individual will then go on to join the Hallowed Ranks of Cobwebsdom along with the highly esteemed:

Hornacek – 2016
xellos85 – 2015


So, are you up for the challenge?  Are you ready to go head to head with your fellow Crawlspace compadres?

So why are you still reading?  Get to work researching!  Need more, frantic one?  OK – First one to get this answer will get a gold star next to their name on the chart in the official Crawlspace office where we keep track of all Crawlspace readers – who is Bill Dubay?


‘Nuff Said!


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(11) Comments

  1. Mark Alford

    @xonathan - I take it from your comment that there will not be a Thwip! Studios version of the satellite jump coming anytime soon?@Spideydude - I thought you might would have gone with the questionable method of how the Jackal got Superior Spider-Man's DNA....

  2. Mark Alford

    These are some good entries! As much as I would like to give out multiple no-prizes, BD only allows us enough budget for one!Honorable Mention goes to Patrick Mocella. That image link you posted of Spider-Man floating in the air with just his mask and boxers is pretty disturbing and almost won the contest and Chi-Town Spidey has a moment to was certainly embarrassing to poor Peter. Hornacek, Amazing Bag Man is just too awesome!However, Mohammed, you can stand a little taller and walk a little prouder for you, true believer, have won the third annual Cobwebs No-Prize contest with your entry of Peter walking in on Aunt May and Jameson! Not only embarrassing for Peter, but for us the reader as well!So, keep your eyes out for an email containing your electronic No-Prize! And, while you wait, you must give us a victory speech!Thanks to all for playing.

  3. Patrick Mocella there's several parts throughout this story but if I had to choose one, it's the one where he's gripping the corpse of Mary Jane while zombie doc ock rips her away. what... the... hell

  4. Mark Alford - Post author

    All good ones to start off with, guys! We'll see if the ones to follow can top these!@hornacek - Right! Gold star for you! Wikipedia is a fine source - just don't tell any of my teacher friends I said that, though...

  5. hornacek

    Hmm, this may not be the most embarrassing moment, but it's the one that comes to mind right now.When Peter first rids himself of the symbiote and has to go home in an old FF uniform and a paper bag over his head i.e. The Amazing Bag-Man! (ASM #258)To cap off the embarrassment, Johnny also puts a "KICK ME" sign on his back. Spidey stops a crime on the way home and is swarmed by reporters asking "Who are you?" and "Is this some sort of super-hero initiation prank?"

  6. hornacek

    Bill Dubay was the first person to get a No-Prize from Stan.You didn't say if we could use Wikipedia or not for this.

  7. Chi-Town Spidey

    That moment where Peter surprises MJ not knowing she brought a friend home. An embarrassing moment for Peter that's for sure. ASM: 298

  8. Mohammed

    About my post above, to view the links delete the "amp;" part at the end of them. if they are not there just copy and paste the links to view them.&oe=5A9DEB93 should be &oe=5A9DEB93 &oe=5AD7830E should be &oe=5AD7830E

  9. Mohammed

    It hard to choose between these 2Amazing Spider-Man v2 #43, it just cracks of how Aunt May covers for Peter with Airport Security when they come across his webshooters Of Spider-Man #50, this serves both as an embarrassing moment and a heartwarming one, which is missing the current run. Aunt May walks in on Peter and Mary Jane having and intimate moment. 3rd one although not my favourite is in Amazing Spider-Man #592 Peter walking in on Aunt May and Jameson Senior.

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