Who is the Red Goblin?

Marvel sent over this teaser video. Who do you think the Red Goblin is and how is he tied to Norman? Is Dan Slott’s last story called “Go Down Swining?”


The biggest Spider-Man story ever starts this March!


New York, NY—December 19, 2017—It’s the Spidey story that’s been ten years in the making, and one that will shake fans to their core – this March, Dan Slott and Stuart Immonen bring you the start of the biggest and most harrowing Spider-Man arc yet, with GO DOWN SWINGING!


Watch the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: GO DOWN SWINGING teaser trailer now!


Take a moment to re-live one of the most epic rivalries in comic history, as Spider-Man faces off against his nemesis, the Green Goblin…but this story is about more than just Norman Osborn…


“The last time we saw the Green Goblin was in ‘Goblin Nation’ at the culmination of SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN” says Spider-Editor Nick Lowe. “You’d almost think that was the biggest Green Goblin story Dan Slott had in him. You’d be wrong. And make sure you watch to the end of the trailer!”

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  1. Anon

    Maybe this is the lead in to 'Goblinverse', where it turns out all the goblins are mystical avatars of the colours of the rainbow destined to fulfill the prophecy of killing that gosh darn Spider-Man, and they have to come together to kill all the remaining versions that weren't eaten by space vampires. Just the popular ones though.

  2. Al

    Slott wants his last issue to be ASM #800 thus once more proving the underlying message of his run.That he is far more concerned with being eventually remembered on Spider-Man than actually making the stories themselves good and in service of the character. That's likely why he stuck around for as long as he has so that he will have the records of:- writing the most issues of ASM- writing the most centennial milestone issues of ASM and any Spider title- being on the title longer than anyone and writing a 616 Spider-Man title for longer than anyone else.Couple that with the stories he's done. Spider Island. Phil Urich as Hobgoblin. HORIZON labs. Alpha. Superior. Spider-Verse. Parker Industries. Clone Conspiracy.Those are all things that on a mere conceptual level guarantee him a place in the history books. Inevitably people will now and forever bring up that time every Spider person ever appeared. that time Peter Parker 'finally' became a scientist. that time Spider-Man was Doc Ock. That time everyone had Spider-Man's powers. that time Peter Parker was rich and famous. that time 'Ben Reilly' and 'Gwen Stacy' were 'resurrected'.Remember during Superior when he said in years to come people will look back on the story because THAT'S where Peter finally got his doctorate?That's evocative of Slott's mentality. He wants to be remembered for his run more than anything else. He wants the history books to mention his name a lot.Here is the thing though. If you just take the raw ideas themselves, there is nothing memorable about the ideas that: Spider-Man fights the Juggernaut. Spider-Man goes to the suburbs. Spider-Man's B-list level supporting cast member dies and he fights her killer who's a dude with a gun.Those ideas are at best a dime a dozen and the history books would have little reason to bring them up.But the reason they history books DO bring up Nothing Can Stop the Juggernaut, When Commeth the Commuter and the Death of Jean DeWolff is not because they were trying to be massive ideas that will always be remembered but because they were beautifully told stories just trying to serve the character and the readership.The best example of this though?Roger Stern took one idea that if done today would never ever excite anyone in the solicits and is not in and of itself an idea that will get people talking about the ramifications it might have in the short term or the long term.But he took the simple idea of Spider-Man talks to a kid who looks up to him and created one of the most remembered and beautiful Spider-Man stories of ALL time.That is what Slott cannot comprehend and that is why Slott despite being remembered will never be remembered as fondly and will never have the same substance or heart of most of his predecessor writers.

  3. Borvoc

    @Evan They're after me Goblin Formula! Boots, gloves, purses, glyders armed with blades, pointy ears and cackles, and...pumpking-shaped grenades!

  4. Evan

    Rainbow Goblin makes me think of some kind of Goblin counterpart to Lucky Charms -- with Norman as Lucky the Leprechaun and marshmallow shapes to match.

  5. Enigma_2099

    ... you expect me to get excited over a Dan Slott story? Furthermore, you expect me to believe this is his LAST Spider-Man story?What kind of fool do yo you take me for?

  6. Borvoc

    Ooh, a goblin spectrum. So the Green Goblin is fueled by will, and Hobgoblin is yellow, so he's probably fueled by fear; Red Goblin is obviously anger...I need a Star Sapphire goblin (just kidding!).

  7. Jeff Gutman

    A few thoughts...."Dan Slott's last story..." REALLY?!!??!?!?!?!WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!"Its been a long time - been a long time - been a long - lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely time!!!!""Ding dong the witch is dead! Which old witch? The wicked witch! Ding dong the wicked witch is Deeeeeaaaaddd......."Other thoughts: this line from Nick Lowe, “You’d almost think that was the biggest Green Goblin story Dan Slott had in him. You’d be wrong."Could he BE any more of a sycophant??? I mean he cant possibly be that tone deaf. He worships Slott like a lap dog. Its kind of weird and probably one of the main reasons we've been stuck with Slott for so long.

  8. Jack

    It's probably Osborn. He has messed with magic before ("Gathering of Five"). Or....wasn't there a rumor of Carlie Cooper coming back? It would be amusing if this turns out to be Carlie Cooper, he could make her literally an agent of the devil.

  9. Timmyb52

    My thoughts are that Norman makes a deal with Mephisto and that this will somehow tie-in to the Dr.Strange "Damnation" arc.

  10. Joshua Nelson

    @George Berryman -- Good answer. The only times Slott has written Mary Jane well were at the end of "Spider-Island" and the entirety of "Renew Your Vows". Everything else? Not so much. I'd say his worst instance writing her was during "Power Play".But back to the matter at hand, I fear that Slott will intentionally do something egregious with The Red Goblin just to pettily stick it to his many detractors before parting ways with AMAZING SPIDER-MAN.

  11. George Berryman

    Joshua: "I'm curious though, George, how would you react if Slott actually did turn Mary Jane into a super villain? Or would you just roll your eyes and wait for it to be undone?"This. Slott has proven incapable of writing Mary Jane, short-term or long-term, so I would wait for someone with a better grasp of the character to correct course and have all of fandom forget it as fast as Chapter One.

  12. Joshua Nelson

    @George Berryman -- We can only hope.I'm curious though, George, how would you react if Slott actually did turn Mary Jane into a super villain? Since you're a big fan of the character and her relationship with Peter Parker (as am I), would that be the equivalent of Zach Joiner's feelings on turning Ben Reilly into a genocidal maniac for you? Or would you just roll your eyes and wait for it to be undone?

  13. George Berryman

    Joshua: "Seeing as how this is supposedly Dan Slott's final story, I wouldn't be surprised if he does something really stupid just to troll the fanbase."If Slott didn't take parting troll-shots at the fanbase I'd be very surprised. Maybe he won't; it would be refreshing.

  14. Joshua Nelson

    @hornacek -- Knowing Slott, this Red Goblin revelation will most likely go one of three ways:1.) It's a completely flaccid reveal that underwhelms in every way imaginable.2.) It's something really stupid and insulting just to irritate fans.3.) It's actually a surprising and clever reveal with a lot of thought behind it because Slott actually wanted to go out on a high note.While I'm hoping for #3, the former two options seem much more likely considering Slott's track record.

  15. hornacek

    @Joshua - MJ as the Red Goblin? That would be as stupid as making MJ Carnage and ...Oh wait, the last cartoon did that.Well, at this point it wouldn't surprise me.

  16. Joshua Nelson

    Seeing as how this is supposedly Dan Slott's final story, I wouldn't be surprised if he does something really stupid just to troll the fanbase.For example, what if Slott decides to make The Red Goblin Mary Jane Watson (you know, because she has red hair and Slott would probably think that's clever)? It would be an entirely moronic revelation, but it would certainly rile a lot of fans up; which is something Slott loves to do.

  17. George Berryman

    Al: "What's next? Rainbow Goblin?"1.) Al wins the Internets today. 2.) Stop giving Marvel horrible ideas that will tempt them.Al: "Seriously we only need 2 Goblins. Norman as Green and Kingsley as Hob. That's it."Agreed.Crawlspace Ombudsman Hornacek: "The Red Goblin has a tail and looks demonic. It's obviously the Green Goblin version of the Demogoblin."I think this is highly likely, especially with Norman's recent dalliance with magic. God help us all.

  18. hornacek

    The Red Goblin has a tail and looks demonic. It's obviously the Green Goblin version of the Demogoblin.

  19. Al

    Some thoughtsActually Nick Lowe chief editor of the Spider-Man line of books the last time we saw Norman Osborn was in the penultimate issue of ASM volume 4 which was THREE YEARS after Goblin Nation the story you are claiming was the last time we saw him. DO YOUR JOB DAMMIT!I suspect Red Goblin will be Normie Osborn or Stanley. Probably Normie because Slott loves trolling us more than the actual Goblins love trolling Peter Parker.And finally...you guys realize that even discounting decoys like Ned Leeds, arguable inclusions like Sarah Stacy and only counting Phil Urich ONCE despite having had multiple identities...there have been TWELVE other Goblin characters up to this point? Twelve.And this is going to be NINTH time we will have gotten a "Guess who this Goblin character is!"Ninth.What's next?Rainbow Goblin?Seriously we only need 2 Goblins. Norman as Green and Kingsley as Hob. That's it.

  20. George Berryman

    Despite the solicit, I'm not taking this as official word that Slott's leaving yet. When Marvel knows a lot of fans want something they'll sometimes troll them through solicits or leaked information that doesn't tell the whole story. Deep down I just don't think we're lucky enough for this to Slott's swan song - but let's hope I'm wrong.Even if we do manage to shed Slott, if the rumors are true and we're getting Spencer as a replacement... it could very well be "meet the new boss, same as the old boss."

  21. Jack

    Er...Dan Slott's Goblin stories haven't been great.By the way, the advert says that Slott has saved his best for last. Doesn't this amount to an official announcement that he's leaving the book?

  22. William

    Wow, how fresh and original! The Spider-Man titles have never had a Goblin mystery before! I really hope it's just Norman with a new face, that would be true genius!!!

  23. Peter

    It is just the beginning of the Goblin Rainbow Brigade. Next will be the Orange Goblin, the Yellow Goblin, the Blue Goblin, the Indigo Goblin , and then the Violet Goblin. The will fight for the rights of the LGBT community. Welcome to Slott story-telling.

  24. Symbiobro

    In the background, I see Silk, Agent Anti-Venom, and what looks like the human torch.Glad to see Agent Anti-Venom isn't a one and done thing.

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