Slott Exit Podcast Recording Tonight at 9PM Central with Live Callers

Dan Slott is leaving the Amazing Spider-Man after being on the title for 10 years. This calls for an emergency podcast to discuss it with the fans. We’re going to record the show tonight at 9 pm central. You can watch the show live on youtube as we stream it. Just subscribe to our channel on this link. I’ll also do something I’ve never done on the live feed and add some of you to the show. We’ll do one at a time, so have a question ready for the panel about the news of SLott leaving.
How do you join?

  • I need you to have a gmail e-mail account. That way I can invite you live on the air.
  • Join the chat of the youtube video. I’ll then get your email and add you. I’ll only add people that are in the youtube chat.
  • Have gmail chat on so you can get the link to join the Google Hangout.
  • Have a  webcam and mic ready to go.
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  1. Captain Thwip Thwip

    Sweet. I am sure this is going to be a great show. Really hopeful Spidey will get the boost it needs. Be great if MJ and Pete get back together. Wouldn’t that be a goodb Slott surprise!?

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