Podcast 490-Slott Exit with Live Callers

The spider-panel discusses Dan Slott leaving the Amazing Spider-Man after a record breaking 10 year run. We take live callers from around the world and get their reaction. Some topics we discuss:
*Where does Slott land in our list of best Amazing Spider-Man writers?
*What was his best and worst story?
*Was Slott fired or did he want to walk away from Spider-Man?
*What Slott creation should stick around after he’s gone?

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If you would like to watch a video of us recording this show here it is.

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(7) Comments

  1. Gregg Dieckhaus

    Someone may have been listening to your last caller...in Renew your vows, Peter is going to be a teacher in high school teaching photography

  2. Cheesedique

    Only way this could've been more epic was if slott had called in to get berated by the podcast himself!

  3. Joshua Nelson

    This is probably one of my favorite podcasts in recent memory. My only regret is that I wasn't able to stay for the whole thing--that and not owning a webcam or microphone.

  4. Ryan C Read

    I had a great job and what an awesome podcast. Tells you how much we really couldn't stand this 10 year run from the average reader to the die hard fan. July will mark a great day.

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