Help Wanted: Reviewers and Reporters

Want to work on the Crawlspace? We need a couple people to tackle reviews like the Spectacular Spider-Man book. We also need someone to help put spider-news headlines on the front page. I also think it’d be cool to have a daily feature like Cool Spider-Image of the day.

If you’d like to apply send an email to

*Send a writing submission. If you’re applying for a reviewer job take a current book and review it in the email.

*Write up a news headline on e-mail if you’d like the news job.

*Send an email with thoughts on daily feature. With wordpress you can schedule them to come out one a day. 

*If you’ve already sent in an e-mail from the previous post, send it again. I’ve been dealing with hosting issues and it is buried and I probably overlooked it.

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  1. ChiTown Spidey

    Brad. Sent an email last night. Let me know if you go it, if you are still having host issue problems.

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