Why 2018 Is Set To Be The Year of the Spider

By now we all know that superhero movies are ruling the roost when it comes to the film industry and with 2017 being the most successful year on record for Marvel and the DCEU, we can expect more of the same in 2018. After the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming last year, it would easy for our favorite web-slinger to get lost in the sea of superheroes ready to hit the big screen, but it is in fact the Spider-Man franchise which once again looks on course for an extremely successful 2018 if everything goes according to plan. With a mind-blowing nine superhero movies set to grace theatres over the course of this year, it’s probably a good job that we’re gonna be getting a nice healthy dose of the Spider-Man universe to balance things out a little bit.
Unlike many other superheroes, Spider-Man has enjoyed a long and fruitful career in the video gaming industry, with a number of genuine hits across the various PlayStation platforms under his belt as well as successful online slot games such as bgo’s Spider-Man: Attack of The Green Goblin, where users can claim a free spins bonus from freecasinoslots.ca in order to defeat one of his most challenging arch enemies. So, to kick things off, we have a new Spider-Man PS4 video game to look forward to which, by all accounts, looks absolutely spectacular if the trailer is anything to go by. Whilst little concrete information has been released so far, we do know that Kingpin plays a fairly evil role in the game and that Shocker, Mister Negative and perhaps even Norman Osborn will be among the villains that you’ll have to negotiate around.

Next up is the long-awaited Venom movie. Scheduled for an October 5th release, this is one that most Spidey fans will probably know most things about already but with Scott Rosenberg and Jumanji’s Jeff Pinkner on board to direct, it’s hard to see how the movie can be anything but a giant success. What’s more, with Tom Hardy cast as Venom according to comicbook.com, the character has suddenly gained a newfound legitimacy owing to the British actors discernible approach to every role he plays. Even if you’re able to name a bad movie that Hardy has starred in (we honestly can’t), the level of depth that he brings to the table with almost certainly add that extra dimension to Venom, who as we all know, is already an extremely complex character in his own right.
Last but by no means least, Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse looks set to attempt to move the Spider-Man brand beyond Peter Parker and instead focuses on Miles Morales, who like Peter, has to juggle his high school and superhero life after the death of Parker (sadface). With the amount of animated movies floating around, it takes something fairly memorable and extraordinary for people to sit up and take notice but with Phil Lord and Chris Miller (21 Jump Street and The LEGO Movie) writing the plot, it seems that the project is already halfway there. With Shameik Moore and Mahershala Ali cast as Miles Morales and Prowler respectively, we honestly can’t wait to see how this one pans out when it’s released in early 2019.

This year is set to be the busiest ever year for superhero movies and whilst there are some interesting looking upcoming projects, 2018 really does look like it could be the year where Spider-Man steps out of the shadows and reclaims his rightful place at the top of the table. Granted, some would say he never left and we would agree with that – he merely went for a bathroom break. However, he’s back and hungrier than ever so pass him the butter if he asks for it. Hang on, he can probably take care of that himself with that web-shooting thing he’s got going on. Nevermind.

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  1. hornacek

    Next up is the long-awaited Venom movie ... it’s hard to see how the movie can be anything but a giant success."It is???"Even if you’re able to name a bad movie that Hardy has starred in (we honestly can’t)" 1) This Means War, where he and Chris Pine are CIA agents both dating Reese Witherspoon at the same time. Ugh. 2) Star Trek Nemesis. Even as a diehard Trekker I cannot defend that film. 3) And of course, Venom. :)

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