New Venom Movie Trailer

Sony has released the new Venom movie trailer. It is the number one trending video of the day on Youtube. What do you think? Was it a great trailer or a bomb? Comment below.

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(5) Comments

  1. André L. Santana

    Please, don’t let this be a waste of Tom Hardy’s talent. Because the idea alone exhales desperation for a comic book character movie franchise.

  2. 666andahalf

    The trailer had a build-up to a Venom reveal tease at the end, but then had no payoff. ...Really Sony?

  3. Symbiobro

    It was nothing.Not bad, not good, just a super generic tease that leaves you thinking it's a completely generic action movie.Teaser trailers are supposed to get you excited for the movie, but this doesn't do that. There's no hook.The poster made me more excited than the trailer.

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