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"And there came a day, a day unlike any other, when the Internet's mightiest heroes and heroines found themselves united for a common goal. On that day, the Crawl Space Avengers were born -- to fight the foes no single super hero could withstand! To be the champions of the Spider-Man Crawl Space Message Board for all the world to see!" 

 Purpose of the Page:
This is a thank you page to the regular posters on the Spider-Man Crawl Space message board. I value their posts and for them I've created  this page. 
This is just going to be a fun page made up of things that us Crawl Space Avengers put together. For instance I'd really like to have a picture of everyone and their comic book collection. Also Slippy, a founding Avenger brother, has told me in the past that he is penciling an original Spider-Man picture for the Crawl Space. So this page will have pics, original art, and letters on it. I'm very open to more ideas you guys and gals may have

How do you join the Crawl Space Avengers?
Very simple, just post up on the Spider-Man Crawl Space Message Board and discuss comics and Spider-Man.

What do I need for this page?
Crawl Space Avengers, I need pictures of your comic collections and you standing next to them. Please send me the pics to my e-mail. It would be great to put a face to your posts on the message board.crawlspidey.jpg (42720 bytes)
Also if you've got any comments about the site, I'd be more than willing to put it up here on this page.

This  first piece of original art comes from Mike Simon over at Spideynet. A very cool piece of original art, thanks man!

The message board gang has composed their first battle against the Sinister Six. Click here to check it out, very funny stuff gang!

Click on our names for the origins of the members

MrMio Jimbo Darkfyre
HB56 MikeP & Baby P  Sam Kerby and Sam 2
Black Sentinei BD
Venom 17 Mike Simon Groble
Gismondo ArachKnight aka Spider-Dan MikeFett
Silver@do Spider-K Spider-Cajun
Spider-Woman James Dysart Dave the Rave
Avengerman Amazing 2099 Sirius
Spider Noobie3 BJC
Orlock bbf2 y2Spider
Doc Ock Rama-mere Chris Karam aka Karemetropolis
Jimmy the Saint Spider-Girl Hatter
Slippy Nick Akrivos Spiderluver
Web-Girl Dark Demon Webhead
Spider-K AC-Web SpideyDude
Willi Morbius K-Cee
FN Spider-Man Redhood Venom65437
Jon sir spidey BTMXComedy
Switchblade CrazyChris Scardy
Cletus Scarlet Spider STEvobot
Silverado James Dysart Fantastic Fifteen89