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  • Marc Webb may not direct The Amazing Spider-Man 2?

    Due to a contractual commitment to Fox, Marc Webb might not be able to direct the May 2nd 2014 slated Amazing Spider-Man 2. Reportedly, he is contacted to make one for film for FOX before he’s let out of his contract. Also because certain Spider-Man scenes took lengthy amounts…

  • Spidey Stumbles #4

    I stumbled upon a cool movie poster for the new movie, which is more comic’ish. I figured you guys would like it. I’m not sure if it’s official but it looks like it is. 

  • Spidey Stumbles #3

    I stumbled upon this on youtube while looking at NBA videos, weird right. Anyways I thought the video was extremely well done and worth being shared. 

  • Spidey Stumbles #2 -The Spidey Meme

    I’m sure somewhere along the line you’ve encountered the Spiderman Meme. Basically people have taken screen shots of the 67 spidey series and used photoshop to place images out of context. They are really quite funny, some are a little inappropriate to younger viewers i.e contain some vulgar language.  So they…

  • The Jameson Roar

    I stumbled upon this today, I thought you guys might get a kick out of it. [From that Marvel Strength and Fitness book] The Jameson Roar

  • New Spider-Man Armor

    Marcos Martin Marvel has unveiled Dan Slott’s latest costume change for Spider-Man it’s set to appear in ASM #656 What do you guys think? Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Spider-Man’s all new Spider-Armor, debuting in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #656, from the superstar creative team of Dan Slott…

  • Spider-Man The Movie Game: Review

    Spider-Man The Movie Game Publisher: Activision Developer: Treyarch Platforms: Gamecube, PC, PS2, GBA, XBOX The Good At first glance Spider-Man The Movie looks & plays just like it’s critically acclaimed predecessor. The swinging feels great, you have a variety of combos, and web techniques and can unlock new techniques…

  • Video Game Review: Spider-Man PS1

    Spider-Man The Game (Playstation 1) Publisher: Activision Developer: Neversoft Even the box art is awesome! Platforms: PS1, N64 The Good Activision, and Neversoft do a remarkable job bringing the web-head to life in this game. Even Stan-Lee narrates certain parts of the game! They arm Spidey with a very…