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  • Spidey Memories#10

    From “Peter Parker, Spectacular Spider-Man issue 24”. Ironically, even with the sliding timescale it works. We could just assume Harry and Flash were being jerks by dressing Pete in an outfit thirty years out of style.

  • Spidey Memories#8

    Forget Uncle Ben. Don’t even think about Nathan Lubensky or Willie Lumpkin. Forget Jarvis and JJ Senior. As demonstrated in “Amazing Spider-Man” issue 157, Aunt May’s true love will always be Doctor Octopus. He’s such a tease.

  • Spidey Memories # 7

    I think this was one of my childhood memories where I realized just how powerful comics can be. It’s from Amazing Spider-Man # 248 and the story is titled “The Kid Who Collected Spider-Man.” It’s by two of my favorites, Roger Stern and Ron Frenz.

  • Spidey Memories#6

    The Symbiote sacrifices itself to save Peter in “Web of Spider-Man” issue 1. It clearly dies…right?

  • Spidey Memories#5

    Thanks Aunt May for embarassing Peter in front of his girlfriend. Why don’t you tell Betty about the time Peter wet the bed? Betty makes the excuse to get away, look what you did! Aunt May’s social graces can be found in Amazing Spider-Man Annual 1.

  • Spidey Memories#4

    Spidey has had lots of wacky teamups lately. Obama, Colbert…but apparently there is an “untold tale” teamup with Madonna that is yet to be told. I’d love to see that! P.S. The “who” in question was Gwen’s clone. This is from Spectacular Spider-Man Annual 8.

  • Spidey Memories#3

    From “The Parker Years” one-shot. Sometimes Peter just pities himself too much and blames everything and World War II on himself. Good thing this era had MJ to put things in perspective.

  • Spidey Memories #2

    I remember reading this when I was like 8 or 9 and just loving it. Gotta love classic DeFalco and Frenz in the 1980s! It’s a scene from the classic team up in Amazing Spider-Man # 269 & 270.

  • Spidey Memories#1

    I’d like to introduce a new section to the front-page called “Spidey Memories”. It’s quite simple, post a panel, page or single scene from Spidey’s history and let the memories run wild. I’ll start… Remember the fuss everyone made when Spidey and Jonah kissed (twice) in “Brand New Day”?…