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  • Spider-Man and the X-Men #1 Review

    Hey guys! I apologize for this review being so late. I’ve had a lot of personal issues lately (work, graduate school). But I’m back with a brand new review!   Spider-Man and the X-Men #1   Written by: Elliott Kalan Art by: Marco Failla Colored by: Ian Herring Cover…

  • Where is this Erik Larsen Art From?

    Legendary Spider-Man artist Erik Larsen is needing your help. He recently posted on his Facebook page a beautiful image of Spidey and some friends. He has no idea where the image appeared or if ever saw print? Have you seen thise piece before? Do you know where it was…

  • More Lost Web of Fortune Pages Found

      While surfing I found two more pages of the Spider-Man Web of Fortune graphic novel that was never released. For those not in the know, it was written by Peter David and had pencils by Ron Frenz with John Romita senior inking. It’s a who’s-who of Spider-Legends. It…

  • Villain Profile: Hammerhead

    After a few weeks off, I return with my look at the mobster villain, Hammerhead. One of my favorites in the organized crime family in the Marvel Universe.

  • Villain Profile: Skein

    In this episode I talk about the former Spider-Woman villain and Thunderbolts member. Who is she and what lead her to being part of the Menagerie? Good question because I don’t know the answer, I just talk about the villain.