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  • 101 Unpleasant Ways For Ben Reilly To Die

    101 Unpleasant Ways For Ben Reilly To Die

    Due to recent events in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man, I now present you with a list of 101 Unpleasant Ways For Ben Reilly To Die. I wrote half this list on a napkin while eating a bacon & pork sausage omelette at IHOP this morning. Enjoy! 1) Stabbed…

  • Clone Memories # 4

    I know this is Zach’s gig, but I had to post this custom Mego Ben. Very cool stuff! This guy is selling it on Ebay for $200. 

  • Clone Memories #3

    Back to our regularly scheduled program, I was trying to think of a Clone Saga Memory that George Berryman (and Kevin Cushing) would approve of. I present Spider-Ben with A Nazi-Skeleton-covered-in-bees. Art by Mike ‘Ringo, and Written by Todd DeZago, this story takes place right before Ben gets killed.…

  • Ultimate 10: The Best Moments of Ultimate Spider-Man (Part 2)

    “Well, whatever this is…this is it” This April will see the release of Ultimate Spider-Man #200. A series which Brian Michael Bendis and a plethora of the industries top artists have been working on since 2000. To celebrate this milestone, the Crawlspace has been counting down our top ten…

  • Ultimate 10: The Best Moments of Ultimate Spider-Man (Part 1)

    Big Time Hero… This April will see the release of Ultimate Spider-Man #200. Brian Michael Bendis and a plethora of artists have been working on this saga for the last 14 years and together have created a modern mythology for the origin of Spider-Man. The artists have included top…

  • Clone Memories #2: Scarlet Spider Joins the New Warriors

    If you thought that Kaine (Sans Hoodie) joining the New Warriors was something new, it is in fact a homage to his predecessor, Ben Reilly, joining the team in the 90s.  What made him join up in the 90s? Was it for story reasons? Nope! It was for reasons even…

  • Clone Memories #1

    You know what this place needs? More Clones.  I’m here to deliver. Over the next few days, I will bring some art to you, and all will involve hoodies, clones, Jackals and clones. And hoodies. (Suck it Berryman!)  First though, no memory lane lookback of Clones is complete without…

  • Spider-Memories # 119

    It seems Spidey missed all the Avengers/ Godzilla action. I bet Jameson was ticked Parker missed all these great shots.  This appeared in Godzilla # 24. Many thanks to the for the images. This link has a great history of the Marvel series which I never read, but…

  • Spider-Memories # 118

    This is from Godzilla # 23 from 1979. Godzilla attacked New York and took on the Avengers. He also stopped by the Daily Bugle to taunt J.Jonah Jameson. 

  • Spider-Memories # 117: ASM #122 Wall Art

    Snagged this at Gordman’s (they have stores in 19 states) yesterday for $15; painted on a sturdy wood backing. I took the picture next to the outlet to give it some perspective on the size.   They have a lot of Marvel, DC, and other pop culture art like…

  • Spider-Memories # 116

    In this Spider-Memory we look at Transformers #3. This was released in 1984 and features Spidey freshly returned from the Secret Wars and still has the symbiote suit. 

  • Spider-Memories # 115

    Remember the first Mary Jane from “Amazing Spider-Man” issue 25? Stan Lee wrote a similar scene a few years earlier in an issue of “Patsy Walker”. 

  • Spider-Memories # 113

    This  is a scene from Marvel Team Up # 15. As I kid I thought it was odd that Spidey had a giant head floating here. Gotta love Mary Jane’s platforms. 

  • Spider-Memories # 112

    This classic scene is from Amazing Spider-Man # 260. I remember laughing out loud as a kid with this scene. Classic DeFalco and Frenz. 

  • Spider-Memories # 111

    What is Peter and Mary Jane’s song? The one on the left is from Amazing Spider-Man # 153. The one on the right is from Amazing Spider-Man 428. Either way, they seem to like 1970s hits. Thanks to Bertone for these. 

  • Spider-Memories #107

    Because you demanded it, more Spider-Memories! This is from Amazing Spider-Man #226, where Felicia was still a deadly adversary!

  • Spider-Art #21/Spider-Memories #104

     In this opening splash page drawn by John Romita and inked by Don Heck, Peter mulls over the fact that Capt. Stacy has been hypnotized into commiting crimes by the mastermind known as the Brainwasher, later revealed to be the Kingpin. Don Heck was a longtime Marvel inker who…

  • Spidey Memories#103

    Before Roderick Kingsley’s death in “Amazing Spider-Man” issue 649, he actually had a demise decades earlier. In “Web of Spider-Man” issue 29, Kingsley was shot and left for dead. When he reappeared in the 90’s people wondered why he hadn’t shown up….it was because he was killed off! It…

  • Spidey Memories#102

    Spider-Man’s final showdown with the Burglar who killed Uncle Ben. The epic confrontation happened in “Amazing Spider-Man” issue 200.  

  • Spidey Memories#101

    We heard the podcast gang talk about Peter and Uncle Ben reuniting in “Amazing Spider-Man” issue 500, but who remembers their meeting in “Amazing Spider-Man” issue 350?

  • Spidey Memories#100

    “Amazing Spider-Man” issue 33.   There was no other logical choice for our 100th Spidey Memory. Not the spider bite, not the six arms, not the marriage, not Juggernaut or adultry with Betty Brant. Steve Ditko created an image so iconic that it’s been homaged a dozen times. It…

  • Spidey Memories# 99

    JR mentioned this scene on a podcast earlier this year so I thought it would be a great one to share. It’s the first time he explicitly remembers Spider-Man “swearing”.  It’s from “Amazing Spider-Man” issue 153. Later this weekend will be our 100th Spidey Memory. Can anyone guess which…

  • Spidey Memories#98

    I found this while doing research for a future project. It’s from “Spectacular Spider-Man” issue 22 and the first panel may be one of the most offensive stereotypical things I’ve seen.