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  • 101 Unpleasant Ways For Ben Reilly To Die

    101 Unpleasant Ways For Ben Reilly To Die

    Due to recent events in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man, I now present you with a list of 101 Unpleasant Ways For Ben Reilly To Die. I wrote half this list on a napkin while eating a bacon & pork sausage omelette at IHOP this morning. Enjoy! 1) Stabbed…

  • Clone Memories # 4

    I know this is Zach’s gig, but I had to post this custom Mego Ben. Very cool stuff! This guy is selling it on Ebay for $200. 

  • Clone Memories #3

    Back to our regularly scheduled program, I was trying to think of a Clone Saga Memory that George Berryman (and Kevin Cushing) would approve of. I present Spider-Ben with A Nazi-Skeleton-covered-in-bees. Art by Mike ‘Ringo, and Written by Todd DeZago, this story takes place right before Ben gets killed.…

  • Clone Memories #1

    You know what this place needs? More Clones.  I’m here to deliver. Over the next few days, I will bring some art to you, and all will involve hoodies, clones, Jackals and clones. And hoodies. (Suck it Berryman!)  First though, no memory lane lookback of Clones is complete without…