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  • Happy Birthday to Stan Lee & Spideydude!

    Happy Birthday to Stan Lee & Spideydude!

    Spider-Man co-creator Stan Lee turns 95 today! But he’s not celebrating alone! Our very own Spideydude, Zach Joiner, is also turning 30 today as well! So stop by and wish Zach & Stan a Happy Birthday! Excelsior! –George Berryman!

  • Happy Birthday Spectacular Mike, aka Stillanerd!!

    Happy Birthday Spectacular Mike, aka Stillanerd!!

    Crawlspace Podcast panelist, former ASM reviewer and resident Crawlspace beefcake “Spectacular Mike” McNulty, aka Stillanerd, has made it through another year, despite the efforts of his greatest foes! Mike turns <REDCATED!!> today and is celebrating at a secure location spot full of joyous revelry of undetermined origin! These days…

  • Happy Birthday, Ashley!!!

    Happy Birthday, Ashley!!!

    Our resident Black Cat fanatic Ashley, aka “PartyHardy,” is celebrating her birthday today! She’s been with us on the podcast for about two and a half years now. Oh, how the time flies. And a lot has changed for her in the last year! She’s gotten engaged to a…

  • Happy Birthday, Michael Bailey!

    Happy Birthday, Michael Bailey!

    “Truth, Justice and the Bailey Way!” Today two-time Ti Kwan Leep world champion and comics podcaster Michael Bailey (aka Me 2 Hawny, aka Lil’ Boom Tube, aka Notorious KAL, aka Kryptomite) is thirty plus eleven years old! Michael Bailey is a special friend to those of us at the…

  • Happy Birthday Brad "Big Poppa" Douglas!

    Happy Birthday Brad “Big Poppa” Douglas!

    Semi-Benevolent Crawlspace Overlord Brad Douglas turns 42 years young today. And by “young” I mean “eight years away from Fifty.” It’s been a big year for Brad. He’s changed careers after almost two decades as a trusted name in news (a dying breed in these trying times) and he’s…

  • Happy Birthday, Mike McNulty!!

    Happy Birthday, Mike McNulty!!

    Crawlspace Podcast panelist, former ASM reviewer and everyone’s best pal “Spectacular Mike” McNulty, aka Stillanerd, has yet another birthday this Friday! Mike it… 27! Yes, 27 years old today! These days you can find him writing over at – but he’s still a podcast fixture. Join me in…

  • Happy 18th Birthday Crawlspace

    Happy 18th Birthday Crawlspace

    It’s hard to believe that this little website that I created back in college is now old enough to vote. And with this election season, every vote counts. I started the site back in 1998 with a Windows 95 computer and a dial up connection. I stumbled across geocities…

  • Happy Birthday, Ashley!!

    Happy Birthday, Ashley!!

    Brad’s out of town and I am about to head out of town – and this kinda snuck up on us! So unfortunately I don’t have a new birthday image for this year – so instead we’ll have to go with the one from last year and pretend it’s…