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    FIRST PERSON TO ASK FOR IT IN THE COMMENTS SECTION GETS A DIGITAL CODE FOR AVENGING SPIDER-MAN #17. Lately, when I’ve looked back at the historic use of Peter Parker’s classic catch phrase, something doesn’t seem quite right. I don’t know . . . it’s like it hasn’t always…

  • Banana Pants: A Bunch of Suggestions

    BECAUSE YOU DEMANDED IT! Based on your comments from yesterday, I will continue doing Banana Pants as a front page feature. However, today will be the last daily update. From here on out, this will be much more sporadic, to keep things fresh. But when you least expect it…

  • Banana Pants: Some A-peel-ing Ladies

    It looks like LordAlford started a thread on the message board, where everyone can join in on the bananas. Would you like to see more banana pants on the front page, or should we move all of the craziness to the message board? Make your voice heard in the…

  • Banana Pants: Harry Osborn Splits

    It was brought to my attention that, due to a printing error, many copies of Spectacular Spider-Man #200, the death of Harry Osborn, shipped without dialogue on the final page. I’m here to bring you the page as it was originally intended to be read. Thanks for the idea,…

  • Banana Pants: A Look Back at Peter’s Famous Phrase

    Those of you who have read Superior Spider-Man #2 might have noticed the stand-out dialogue line of the decade, courtesy of Peter Parker’s ghost: “It’s crazy town banana pants!” But what really might have caught your attention is that, according to both Mary Jane and Carlie Cooper, “crazy town…

  • Spidey Revisions#11

    New continuity has certainly made Betty’s ruminations from Spider-Man Unlimited issue 17 really confusing. Let’s see if we could fix that.

  • Spidey Revisions#10

    Mother of Mephisto! How does this scene from Web of Spider-Man Annual 9 work in the new continuity?  Spidey Revisions to the rescue!

  • Spider-Revisions # 9

    I hope I’m not stepping on Bertone’s shoes with this, but we haven’t had a spider-revision since November 2009. I saw this and it just screamed revision. Here is before and after.

  • Spidey Revisions#8

    Because you demanded it! Because some of you even begged me for it. Heck, one person recently shook me down for it! I give you more “Spidey Revisions”. Peter and Johnny go to an art show for Alicia Masters Storm in “Web Of Spider-Man #73”, but Peter realizes that…

  • Spidey Revisions#7

    This scene originally played out in “Amazing Spider-Man” issue 398. I wonder if Geico will let Mary Jane include Peter on her plan if they learn they’re not married. Perhaps Peter shouldn’t be getting so excited.

  • Spidey Revisions#6

    A big round of applause for Eugene who submitted this remix of “Spectacular Spider-Man” issue 222.

  • Spidey Revisions#5

    Thank you everyone for your submissions. I’ll be posting those throughout the week. In the meantime, here is a backup “flashback” story from “Amazing Spider-Man” Annual 1996. Seriously, it’s like this page was made with “Spidey Revisions” in mind.

  • Spidey Revisions#4

    Click on the pictures for the full image. This is originally from “Amazing Spider-Man” issue 303. Peter has a job offer that would take him out of New York, and due to him being married to (or now dating) Mary Jane, his priorities have now changed.

  • Spidey Revisions#3

    This latest revision is from “Web of Spider-Man” issue 50. During this time period Peter and Mary Jane were living with Aunt May and her boarders. It’s a good thing Aunt May is so liberal.

  • Spidey Revisions#2

    It goes to show you. I’m lucky to break 10 comments with “Spidey Memories” or “Finding Gwen Stacy” but I retcon a scene or two the comments explode. This usually won’t be done twice in a day, but it deserved an encore. Remember, if you want to see the…

  • Spidey Revisions#1

    If anyone has been missing the Skype chats, you’ve been missing alot. One of the games we’ve recently come up with on the Skype chat is taking selected scenes from Spidey’s history and revising them to fit the “Brand New Day” timeline. Take this above picture, from Spectacular Spider-Man…