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  • Happy Birthday, Brad "JoMo" Douglas!

    Happy Birthday, Brad “JoMo” Douglas!

    Crawlspace guru and brutal podcast taskmaster Brad Douglas turns 43 today – just seven years shy of half-a-century! Happy Birthday, BD! And thanks for making the #1 Spider-Man shrine on the Net! Everyone drop a line in the comments & wish Brad well! –George Berryman!

  • Happy Birthday, Michael Bailey!

    Happy Birthday, Michael Bailey!

    “Truth, Justice and the Bailey Way!” Today two-time Ti Kwan Leep world champion and comics podcaster Michael Bailey (aka Me 2 Hawny, aka Lil’ Boom Tube, aka Notorious KAL, aka Kryptomite) is thirty plus eleven years old! Michael Bailey is a special friend to those of us at the…

  • Cobwebs #32: Kingpin Santa!

    Cobwebs #32: Kingpin Santa!

    You better watch out!  You better not pout!  You better not cry I’m telling you why.  Wilson Fisk is coming to town!  That’s right readers, leave out the milk and cookies because you don’t want to tick off Kingpin Santa when he comes to your house this Christmas Eve!…

  • Spider-Man Halloween Prank

    Spider-Man Halloween Prank

    Youtube User Tom Mabe decided he’d pull a Spider-Man prank this Halloween. He visited peoples home with a doll dressed in a Spider-Man costume. He then told the residents that his son was deaf. I’m not a fan of lying to the people but it is fun to see…

  • Happy 89th Birthday Steve Ditko

    Happy 89th Birthday Steve Ditko

      Spider-Man’s co-creator is turning 89 years old today. If it wasn’t for Ditko’s designs matched with Stan Lee’s amazing words this website would not be here. It’s amazing to think how much joy Spider-Man has brought me over the years and so much of that joy is from Ditko.…

  • Vintage Spider-Man Halloween Costume Ads

    Vintage Spider-Man Halloween Costume Ads

    As someone who wore this Spidey costume back in the 1970s, I can tell you they weren’t comfy. The air holes in the mask made it impossible to breath. However it sure brings back a lot of good memories. I’m sure I saw these as a kid and asked…

  • Happy 18th Birthday Crawlspace

    Happy 18th Birthday Crawlspace

    It’s hard to believe that this little website that I created back in college is now old enough to vote. And with this election season, every vote counts. I started the site back in 1998 with a Windows 95 computer and a dial up connection. I stumbled across geocities…

  • Happy 44th Birthday to George Berryman!

    Happy 44th Birthday to George Berryman!

    Our good friend, podcast panelist and Texas native George Berryman is celebrating a birthday today. He’s turning the big 44 today. Since he’s the biggest Stegron fan I’ve ever know, I thought a Photoshop was in store. I never thought about it but Stegron’s tongue maybe as dangerous as…