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  • Canadian Spider-Man Stops Shoplifter

    Canadian Spider-Man Stops Shoplifter

    It seems Alpha Flight was busy in Toronto this week. A man dressed as Spider-Man stepped in to help two security guards apprehend a female suspect. Check out the video. I’m confused by the outfit, was he going for the Spider-Ben look?

  • San Francisco’s Spider-Man Burglar Interview

    San Francisco’s Spider-Man Burglar Interview

    The popular This American Life radio program recently did a story on the San Francisco burglar who was called Spider-Man. It took two months for police to catch him. He would had a pattern of entering skylights or attics. He’d then lower himself down with ropes to crack into…

  • Spider-Man Wears Costume on Court Date

    You may remember a story about a Times Square performer dressed as Spider-Man who allegedly kicked a woman who wouldn’t tip him. Ironically, Reporter Roger Stern with New York Radio station 1010WINS filed this report. Well, 37 year old Abdelamine el-Khezzani had his day in court and he showed…

  • Georgia Spider-Man Robs Bank

    A man in  a Spider-Man mask recently robbed a Fidelity Bank in Gwinnett County, Georgia. The “Spider-Man” was holding what appeared to be a bomb detonator and a vest wrapped around his stomach. The man left with an undisclosed amount of cash. 

  • Maryland Spider-Man Robs Dollar General

    Maryland Police are on the search for that menace known as the Dollar General Spider-Man. According to police reports a man wearing a Spider-Man zip up hoodie walked in and demanded cash.  Here’s the link with more info. 

  • Arsonist Says Carnage Told Him to Start Fire

    20 year old Timothy King of the UK may have thought he was in a chapter of Maximum Carnage. He evidently thought he heard Carnage talking to him. The Spidey villain evidently told King to stuff clothes in the stove and turn them on to bake. He then poured…

  • Charges Against Cop-Punching Spider-Man Dropped

    Those of you who are regular readers of the Crawlspace may recall a series of incidents this last summer involving costumed street performers and panhandlers dressed-up as Spider-Man, many of which involved harassment and assault.  One such individual, Junior Bishop, 25, got into altercation with several police officers in…

  • “Spider-Man” Interrupts Soccer Match

    As some our UK Crawlspace readers can attest to, Brits have a passion for what they call football and what we Yanks call soccer.  They also have an equal amount of passion for Spider-Man just as we do here in the States. So what would happen if someone who…