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  • Spider Stumbles #5

    Nope you aren’t seeing things, this was a dolphin sculpture used for the Wild Dolphins exhibit in Aberdeen Scotland this past summer. You can read about it at their website The Wild Dolphins of Aberdeen.

  • Spidey Stumbles #4

    I stumbled upon a cool movie poster for the new movie, which is more comic’ish. I figured you guys would like it. I’m not sure if it’s official but it looks like it is. 

  • Spidey Stumbles #3

    I stumbled upon this on youtube while looking at NBA videos, weird right. Anyways I thought the video was extremely well done and worth being shared. 

  • Spidey Stumbles #2 -The Spidey Meme

    I’m sure somewhere along the line you’ve encountered the Spiderman Meme. Basically people have taken screen shots of the 67 spidey series and used photoshop to place images out of context. They are really quite funny, some are a little inappropriate to younger viewers i.e contain some vulgar language.  So they…

  • The Jameson Roar

    I stumbled upon this today, I thought you guys might get a kick out of it. [From that Marvel Strength and Fitness book] The Jameson Roar