Crawl Space House Rules

Hello! Welcome to the Spider-Man Crawlspace! Like any civilized society, we have rules. We welcome any and all posters here, unless you’re someone who, well, broke the rules and is banned. Please read, review, and familiarize yourself with these rules.

Rule #1: Make your posts and comments count for something.

We want to hear your opinion. We value it! We encourage it! However, we have some basic requests:

-Don’t post spam links.

-Don’t link to pornographic sites.

-Don’t post just to increase your ranking on the message board.

-Don’t bump threads without cause.

-Don’t feed the trolls.

-Stay on the topic at hand. If you wish to discuss something that sporadically springs up, take it to a new thread or PM.

Rule #2: Do not insult your fellow posters, the staff of the Crawlspace, or the creative personnel (past or present) of the comic books.

While we mention trolls above, it is imperative that we say this: Do. Not. Insult. Other. People.

We want you to be an upstanding member of this site, and by agreeing to terms, you are a part of this community. As such, we ask that you don’t go after members of the staff here at the Crawlspace or anyone who creates Marvel-related work. Critique the work we do, the work the creative staffs do, but leave the insults at the door. We ask that you be as polite as possible to others around you.

Rule #3: Register yourself on the front page and the message board.

We do not allow anonymous posting. Please register a username before posting on the message board or the front page, and please use an avatar when posting on the message board, and if possible, on the front page. Please keep your usernames the same on the message board and the front page.

Rule #4: Do not impersonate other posters, or use multiple usernames.

Cloning may (or may not) be acceptable in the Marvel Universe, but it is not acceptable here at the Crawlspace. If caught doing so, you will be banned.

Rule #5: Leave moderating to the moderators

Do not take it upon yourself to address disciplinary problems on the board or the front page. If you think someone has violated the rules or a situation requires intervention by a moderator or administrator, you can do two things: First, you can report a post by clicking on the yellow triangle with an exclamation point directly on the post in question. This will alert the staff that a post requires moderation. Second, you can PM a moderator or administrator to let them know about the problem. This is the ONLY role posters have in board discipline. If it is a front-page issue, you can contact us through the message board, or you can PM us via social media (Facebook or Twitter).

-DON’T publicly tell another poster they are breaking the rules.

-DON’T attempt to educate other users on your interpretation of the rules.

-DON’T publicly ask for a poster to be disciplined.

And don’t do anything else that could be construed as taking moderation matters upon yourself. We have a well-oiled machine when it comes to our discipline system, and anyone else trying to step in will only present an obstacle, create confusion, and derail topics.

Rule #6: The spoiler policy, clickbait, and leaked images.

We ask that you clearly mark spoilers. That way we don’t have to worry about people who don’t want to be spoiled. (An example: putting *SPOILERS* or “Spoilers” in the thread title on the message board.) Not everyone gets their books at the same time. Please be respectful to those who don’t. If a link has a provocative headline, do not just post it verbatim.

When linking something that is from a clickbait site, please advise other posters of potential spoilers.

It should be understood that a review will contain spoilers. User discretion is advised.

Some people might want to link to specific pages that have been leaked online. We do not allow this. You may not post any images to this site that have not been released to the public by the copyright holders, either in official previews or in official publications. That means no scans of upcoming issues will be allowed on this site. If the issue hasn’t been released yet, the only images you may post are from the official previews released by the publisher (Marvel, DC, Image, etc.) to the news sites (such as our site, Newsarama, CBR, etc.).

You also may not link to said images on another site in an attempt to circumvent this rule. We are not stupid. If we see you trying to get around a rule while still breaking the spirit of it, the consequences will be the same.

So what happens when you break these rules?

THE GOLDEN RULE: We have what’s called the “THREE STRIKES and you’re OUT!” Policy.

For a first infraction you get a warning.

For a second infraction you get a FINAL warning.

If you break the rules after being warned twice, you will be banned permanently.

Not only will we warn you, we’ll keep a record of said warning. It will be publicly stated that you have received this warning. You are welcome to discuss this with a member of the administrative staff, but you CANNOT discuss this in the thread you received the warning in, and can only appeal via email, PM, or a PM via social media. No other posters can discuss it publicly, and will receive warnings if this is not followed.

Be advised, though, that the admin team reserves the right to apply our own judgment in any situation. If we find your offense to be so unforgivable that you’re beyond redemption, we will ban you without a warning. Conversely, if we feel the situation merits it, we may give you another chance after your second warning.

If you intentionally break the rules, this will garner you two warnings at once. You are not allowed to decide for yourself that you will take a warning just so you can break a rule at will. The two warnings are intended as a deterrent to such behavior, but they will be enforced. So if you already have one warning, this will get you banned instantly.

Basically, these are the rules you need to follow and respect, but realize we are not robots. We will apply judgment and logic to any and all situations. 95% of the time we will apply these guidelines exactly as they are written, but we are not slaves to them if we feel the situation calls for a different approach in one direction or the other.

As always, have fun when Posting here, and enjoy the site.

Brad Douglas-Webmaster, Owner
Zach “Spideydude” Joiner-Administrator
George Berryman-Administrator
J.R. “MadGoblin” Fettinger-Adminstrator
Mike “Stillanerd” McNulty-Adminstrator
Mike Bailey-Administrator
Ashley “PartyHardy” Stapleton-Administrator