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It takes a lot of people to update and maintain the Crawlspace. Here are some brief bios of the staff. 

575394_10152781475320612_632375599_nBrad Douglas– Brad created the Crawlspace back in 1998 while attending college at the University of Missouri-Columbia.  He’s the webmaster and writes front page news items, administrates the message board and also produces, hosts and edits the podcast. He’s been collecting Spider-Man comics since the age of three and is a life-long fan of the webhead. His website has been featured in USA Today, Entertainment Weekly and on

If you have a comment or question please use this e-mail:


JR2J.R. Fettinger- He is often called the Spider-Yoda of the site. He is well versed in over 50 years of Spider-history. That comes in handy when he is a panelist on the Crawlspace podcast. JR also is well known for his website at Spidey Kicks and is a published author on Spider-Man. Check out his book Webslinger.
He also thinks Norman Osborn is one of the best villains of all time.




George Berryman-Native Texan George Berryman currently reviews the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon on the podcast and also serves as the Spidey Friday Night Fights guru. In his years with the site George has written reviews and editorial commentary on the direction of the Spider-Man comics. In addition, he has appeared as a podcast regular and also created the Fight Club on the Crawlspace Forums. When not interrupting JR or Mike on the podcast he crusades against hoodies and hippies. He likes Ronald Reagan, showtunes and he’s a Cancer.



316402_10150905978020253_284259040_nZach Joiner-Zach’s life on Crawl Space began in 2003. He’s been a reviewer of Spider-Girl, Amazing Spider-Girl, Spectacular Spider-Girl, Spectacular Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider. He’s the longest serving Administrator, beginning in 2005. He’s the writer of Crawl Space Avengers, and is the biggest Clone Saga fan on the site. Podcast Co founder where he served from 2006-2013. 


unnamedRyan Read- Ryan creates vidcast reviews for the main Spider-Man and related Spider-Man titles for the Crawlspace. Using a combination of green screen, images and straight out improv. Ryan brings a fun sense of Spider-Man comic book reviews to the Spider-Man Crawlspace. He also does C2E2 Comic Con pictures and related news from Chicago during the month of April.



Eddie deAngelini-Eddie deAngelini is a long time comic book fan and collector. He is the writer and artist of the internet comic strip Collectors, which is loosely based on his own life, marriage and comic collecting obsession. His love of comics began at a young age and his claim to fame is owning every issue of Amazing Spider-Man. He currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife Kristen, where they plan together for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.


imageAdam T – Adam is a strong supporter for the Ultimate line, and reviews the Ultimate Spider-Man book for the Crawlspace. A frequent contributor to the Creator Showcase, and Spider-Art feature, Adam likes to celebrate the work of his favorite writers and artists.
This UK based fan’s claim to fame is meeting artists John Romita Jr. and Mark Buckingham at the Thought Bubble comic con in Leeds.

 unnamed (1)Andrew Roebuck- Andrew writes reviews for the Amazing Spider-Man title every month. With a keen eye for the bizarre and a love of puns he brings a Parkeresque attitude to the forefront of everything he does. Discovering the crawlspace in 2010 he has made it his mission to bring Web-heads together to talk about some good ole fashioned Spidey.


IMG_3461Wendi Douglas- She’s is the understanding and enabling wife of webmaster Brad Douglas. She helps Brad with shooting pictures at conventions. She’s also the photographer who records interviews for podcasts and video reports. Wendi often gets cold at conventions and bundles up in a very stylish Spider-hoodie. She’s affectionately known as “Mrs. Crawlspace.” 



Shaun Martineau: Shaun has been reviewing for the site since 2011 and currently reviews the symbiote comics (Thunderbolts, Carnage minis) for the Crawlspace. The Spiderman Crawlspace is what got him into comics, after he joined after re watching the 90s animated series as a teen. He’s been a part of the site since high school and looks forward to continuing to review for the site throughout university and wherever else life takes him.

Spidey (1)Jeff Flannigain: New to the Crawlspace, Jeff reviews one-shots and mini-series starring our beloved wall-crawler, as well as contributing miscellaneous minutiae.  A lifelong Spidey fan since he was five, he lurked around the Crawlspace for a few years before auditioning to become a reviewer in 2013.  He enjoys all things Marvel and looks forward to sharing his observations on their state of affairs in the months to come.


Evan Valentine: Evan writes reviews for New Warriors for the site and is also a standup comic who tours the east coast of the US. You can find his comedy album (“That’s What You Get For Being Different”) on Itunes and Amazon. He is also a frequent contributor to the website, Collider, and has been reading Spidey ever since he was a wee lad, during the time of the Clone Saga. The five things he can’t live without are Spider-Man, long walks on the beach, web shooters, 70s kung fu flicks, and you!”


stillanerdMichael James McNulty – Writing under the name “Stillanerd,” Mike has been a frequent commentator on the Crawlspace Message Boards since 2008, and currently writes reviews for The Amazing Spider-Man. He is also serves as an administrator, and contributes Spider-Man related news items. As an English Major with a long-standing love for comic books, Mike is infamous for his in-depth analysis and theories with regards to current story-lines, although he admits his predictions are not always exact.




John D’Antoni- John is the reviewer for Superior Spider-Man Team Up. He
currently lives in Louisiana. He’s been a Spidey fan since the tender
age of 5. His very first post on the Crawlspace was when he was 14 and
said he liked Chapter One (please don’t judge him). He’s since changed
his mind.


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  2. Friendly neighborhood Spider-Lady

    I love listening to the podcast and look forward to updates. Your website is an awesome resource for spidey-news and other good stuff. I love Spider-Man and have since I was a little girl. Anyway I did wanna let you guys know that I absolutely love the Spider-Gwen series (no, I'm not on tumblr). I love the colors and the art style and the writing. Music is a huge part of my life and I love to see it as a big part of her life. I really love the character and universe they're creating. Just wanted to let y'all know that there is at least a little bit of a fan base that exists outside of tumblr.

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