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Spider-Man/Wolverine 4: “Stuff of legends”
Script: Brett Matthews
Pencils: Vatche Mavlian
Inks: Paul Mounts
Story: well this is the big explanation story where everything comes to a satisfying close, and in a way it does. We learn nick fury was simply using spidey and wolverine to stop a rogue shield doctor with a super power inhibitor. And they do it in style by swapping costume, which was the best thing that’s happe
ned in this story. Oh and when wolverine got shot in the head it was actually the neck and it wasn’t a bullet but this super powered inhibitor. And in the end the interviewer was none other than aunt may, oh how we laughed………… and threw the comic in the bin
The Good: less action improved this comic, which can’t be said often. All the action rubbish was replaced with a nice bit of government cover up intrigue, which improved the story drastically. The costume swapping was great. And in the end this issue wasn’t half bad
The Bad: Aunt May?????? Well I guess we could get over that if it wasn’t for the art still being weak so I shall simply say AUNT MAY??????
Rating: Vast improvement. 3 webheads out of 5

Spider-Man/Wolverine 3: “Stuff of legends”
Script: Brett Matthews
Pencils: Vatche Mavlian
Inks: Paul Mounts
Story: issue 3 of this god-awful series doesn’t help to pull it out of the gutter. Another issue, another location, another explosion, pointless fighting, meaningless property damage, more annoying interview, stupid wisecracks and wolverine getting shot in the head.
The Good: I did say wolverine got shot in the head didn’t I, but sadly even this was completely pointless and you know he’s going to survive so its really no fun. There was some good art in this issue but it only lasted a panel, it’s the panel where wolverine looks through some binoculars, pretty swish.
The Bad: yet more of the same and in this case the same is bad. It’s the same old jokes coupled with the same awful art that just makes me miserable when I think I paid money for this especially when there are many people submitting fan art of higher quality than this
Rating:  0 webheads out of 5

Spider-Man/Wolverine 2: “Stuff of legends”
Script: Brett Matthews
Pencils: Vhatche Mavlian
Inks: Pual Mounts
Story: What can I say issue 2 and this book is frankly annoying me a great deal. The story hasn’t moved on at all, its pretty much a slow recap of this fight in last issue and giving a tiny bit of back story about some girl, while eventually moving on to Paris ready for next issue. The main point in this frankly pointless story is Spidey unmasks for wolverine. 
The Good: The novelty has frankly warn off, but if I had to find anything good about this story and believe me I’m digging deep, I would say the joking about Sue and Reed Richards relationship. Also seeing the bullets pop out of wolverine as he healed was quite cool. Other than that this issue stinks
The Bad: Where to start? The art is scrappy, the cover is frankly weak and not at all what I’d use to sell a comic with two of marvels big hitters in. Also this guy cannot draw Wolverines face, the only time it looks good is in the close-up on page 5 apart from that its usually just a blur or some kind of feral wolf face. The story was weak and goes nowhere with the characters digs becoming more and more ridiculous to the point where the novelty has just completely warn off, and we are left with a story that is basically these two characters cracking wise about each other costumes. I mean is this what the other issues are going to be like if so avoid like the plague. Comics like this are blatant cash-ins. If they are good I don’t mind them but this was so bad it made me angry, and you won’t like me when I’m angry.
Rating: I just want to…… grrrr. 0 webheads out of 5

Spider-Man/Wolverine 1: “Stuff of legends”
Script: Brett Matthews
Pencils: Vhatche Mavlian
Inks: Pual Mounts
Story: Issue one of the four-issue marvel crossover featuring two of its biggest hitters Spiderman and Wolverine. The issue starts off in the typical spidey way but is interrupted by nick fury making him an offer he can’t refuse (by threatening him with revealing his secret identity). This offer is in fact a mission, which takes spidey to a remote Chinese island in order to free a captured prisoner who just so happens to be a very rough looking wolverine. The whole issue is told through peters narration to a mysterious figure with an hourglass.
The Good: The story is very good, but the way in which these characters were brought together seems a little forced, especially when compared to the wonderful way in which spidey and wolverine were brought together in ultimate x-men 34. the thing I do like about this story is the narration technique and the way the artist has a good eyes for heroic poses, like the splash page in which peter rips off his shirt, to uncover the webs beneath. The story has promise and could work really well.
The Bad: the art is not my thing, and I can say that with no hesitation because I know there are plenty of people out there whose thing it is. The art is great and very nice but I just didn’t like the way the characters looked, especially Peters hair and
Logan ’s crazy beard-face. The story its self moved very slow and just felt wrong, maybe because I’m so used to the ultimate universe now, or just because the characters seemed a lot edgier.
Rating: good but feels a bit weird. 3 webheads out of 5