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  • Podcast # 314-Vinny Romita, Ditko Ebay, Axis Hobgoblin, Gillan Spider-Girl

    Here are the Spider-News topics we’re tackling this month.  *Two new Avengers/ X-Men Axis Spider-Man related mini series with Hobgoblin and Carnage.  *Stan Lee insulted by Comics Alliance writer, and the increasing disrespect about  his contributions to Marvel.  *Karen Gillan wants to play Spider-Girl?  *If you want to cosplay…

  • October 2014 Spider-Solicitations

    Amazing Spider-Man #7 Amazing Spider-Man #8 Spider-Man 2099 #4 Spider-Man 2099 #5 Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man #6 All-New Ultimates #9 Superior Foes Of Spider-Man #16 Edge Of Spider-Verse #4 Edge Of Spider-Verse #5 Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man #31 AXIS: Carnage #1 AXIS: Hobgoblin #1 AXIS: Revolutions #1 Guardians Of…

  • 10 Things Cut from ASM 2

    Badassdigest seems to have gotten an early draft of the Amazing Spider-Man 2 script. They’re reporting ten things that were cut from the movie. They don’t list the frozen head of Norman Osborn, but they’re pretty interesting. What do you think?  1) Mary Jane. As we all know Shailene Woodley was…

  • Spidey Washes Windows At Children’s Hospital

    Last week, “Spider-Man” decided to use his “wall-crawling” and “web-slinging powers” for a good cause: cleaning the windows at the Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, TX. For the young patients, this was, undoubtedly, one of the happiest days of their lives, including for three-year old Nasir Lester: [Nasir] was…

  • Online Purchaser Gets Original Amazing Spider-Man #1 By Mistake

    If you thought honesty and integrity were in short supply in our more cynical, jaded age, think again! Over on the AK47.net, a forum which usually discusses topics regarding guns and firearms, a user going by the handle The_Macallan, posted the following: So I ordered a comic book online,…

  • Scriptwriter Roberto Orci Leaves The Amazing Spider-Man Franchise

    Perhaps the handwriting was on the wall after the amicable separation of Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci, the scriptwriting team behind Transformers, Star Trek, Cowboys and Aliens, the Sleepy Hollow television series, and, of course, Sony’s rebooted Amazing Spider-Man films.  Last Friday, Orci announced that, due to his commitments…