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  • Thunderbolts #126 REVIEW

    While Peter Parker’s own book putzed around the creative kiddie table, his villains suddenly ascended into major player status and have never looked more interesting. Have the likes of Norman Osborn and MacVenom transcended their niche as spider-foils to become independently A-List characters? This is where we start to…

  • Spectacular Spider-Man Quips

    One of the many things the Spectacular Spider-Man series does right is nail Spidey’s quips. He’s very funny, and the movie folks should take note. Thanks to gregxb for the video suggestion!

  • Ultimate Spider-Man #128 Review

    Writer: Brian Michael Bendis Aritst: Stuart Immonen Inker: Wade von Grawbadger Colorist: Justin Ponsor Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit Plot: Eddie’s back on the bench telling another passerby his story. Shift to yesterday. Peter Parker encounters the Gwen Stacy clone aka new Carnage in his room. She manages to morph…

  • Secret Invasion #8 Review

    Okay, this is the final part of the Skrull goodness also known as Secret Invasion. After six issues of filler and fight scenes, we finally get to the conclusion which leads into Dark Reign, apparently a major storyline which will change the Marvel Universe forever! Pfft. I’ll believe it…


    THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #579 Mark Waid returns to conclude this two-part story with a slight twist. As many readers know, I greatly enjoyed #578, and was pleased to read a story that unraveled with a clever exposition. However, this time around, my spider-sense wasn’t going off as much as…

  • Spider-Captions Britney Edition

    It seems that Britney Spears and family are Spider-Fans. Who knew? Feel free to add a funny caption in the comments section. What word balloon would you put over Brit’s head?

  • Writer Roger Stern Talks AMZ 580

    Our friend Roger Stern recently gave an interview to Newsarama about his upcoming work in Amazing Spider-Man # 580. He talks about how the character is back to the model he likes and enjoys writing. The article also talks about his opinion on how Peter Parker married the wrong…

  • Spider-Captions

    You know the drill, think of a funny caption for the picture and add it in the comments.The funnier the better.

  • 3-D Bedding for the Spider-Fan

    Students at the University of Manchester have created a lazer technology that creates 3-D printing. It is being used on bedding, Spider-Man bedding to be specific. According to the report the “The duvet covers and pillow cases are being produced with a digital processing and printing technique so that…

  • Spider-Captions

    It’s a shame when Spider’s attack. Feel free to leave your funny spider-caption in the comment section below.

  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    We at the Crawl Space wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving, no matter the country, no matter the culture, no matter the age.  We also hope that you are able to spend it with the people that matter the most to you!  Be sure to give thanks!  And…

  • Spider-Float, yet Again

    This is the last video I was able to find on youtube spotlighting the Spider-Man Thanksgiving float. If you’re like me you have fond memories getting up early on Thanksgiving to see it. Please sign the petition and maybe we can get it back. This latest broadcast seems to…

  • Happy Thanksgiving, Spider-Style

    This will bring back some fond Thanksgiving memories. This is a broadcast from NBC in 1993. Willard Scott and Katie Couric are the announcers. Sadly the balloon hasn’t been in the parade for years, but if you’d like it back sign this petition!

  • 1989 Spider-Man Macy’s Parade Float

    This is another broadcast of the 1989 Macy’s parade featuring the Spider-Man float. I think Mary Hart from Entertainment Tonight is broadcasting, but I could be wrong. If you’d like to see the Spider-float back in the parade, click here and sign the petition.

  • Spider-Captions

    Time for another Spider-Caption. I bring you the “Dance Floor Spidey.” The underoos are included! Feel free to add a funny caption below.

  • 1991 Spider-Man Balloon in Macy’s Parade

    This is just one of many Spider-Man balloon videos I’ll bring you this week. This one is my favorite. Willard Scott is broadcasting the parade on NBC. Inside the balloon it has a “Special NBC Camera.” It’s a fun trip down memory lane. Unfortunately the balloon is no longer…

  • Baby Sequel for Actor Tobey Maguire

    Spider-Man Actor Tobey Maguire and his wife are expecting their second child. The baby is expected to be born in next spring. His first baby Ruby Sweetheart was born two years ago. Just recently Maguire worked it into his contract to allow additional time with his family while filming…

  • $80,000 in Comics Stolen in New Jersey

    A thief in New Jersey “Hit the Jackpot” when they stole $80,000 in rare Marvel Comics. According to Police the comics were stored in an unlocked basement at the Willow Street apartment building in New Jersey. 600 comics were stolen between last week and were more than 40 years…

  • X-Men/Spider-Man #1 Review

    In the midst of all the Secret Invasion hoohah, we can jump into the mini series which takes us back to simpler times, also known as the Swingin’ 60s! The mutant menace had just been uncovered and paranoia sweeps the nation, in other news, Kraven and the Blob are…

  • Podcast 52: Nov. 2008 pt 4 Message Board Q &A Online

    BD, Kevin and Spider-Girl tackle two pages of message board questions. We answer spider-questions like what superhero we’d date, what we think of the new “Web of Shadows” video game, and which was the best/ worst year in Spider-History. There’s a ton more, so click on the play button…

  • Spider-Captions

    This cute Spider-kid has a caption just waiting to be written. What would he say? Add your funny caption in the comment section.