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  • Spider-Man 2.1 DVD Review

    We’ve never done a DVD review, but Jason Larouche was up for the job. He has an in-depth review of the recently re-cut version of Spider-Man 2. There are several new scenes in the movie. Click here to check out his thoughts on the disc.

  • March 2008 Podcast Pt. 2 Online

    The One More Day, takes two days to finish up. The gang wraps up the dozens of message board questions. We discuss our likes and dislikes of the Amazing Spider-Man title. We also discuss more about the new animated series “Spectacular Spider-Man.” We even have a marriage proposal, did…

  • Links for Spider-News Archives

    Here are some links from previous new articles, mainly 2007. Spider-Man Crawl Space.com mentioned in Amazing Spider-Girl # 8 Ron Garney sketchs video News Report on Colorado’s Biggest Spidey Fan Stan Lee on 60 Minutes Top 20 Best Spidey Villains. Top 10 worst Spider-Man movie-tie ins. Spidey’s voice mail…

  • March 2008 Podcast Pt. 1 Online

    The gang discusses two months of “Brand New Day” Amazing Spider-Man issues. Do we love it or hate it? We also give our two cents on the new Kids WB Spectacular Spider-Man animated series. And as always we answer the dozens of questions from our message board. Click here…

  • Part 2 of Feb 2008 Podcast With Steve Wacker Online

    We wrap up our two hour interview with Amazing Spider-Man editor Steve Wacker. He answers all three pages worth of message board questions. We even get some scoops about the upcoming summer Spider-Event. Click here to download the mp3 or click here to subscribe to the show on itunes.…

  • February 2008 Podcast With Steve Wacker Pt. 1 Online

    Amazing Spider-Man Editor Steve Wacker is our guest for our February show. He stops by to talk about all things happening in this “Brand New Day” world of Spider-Man. Some of the topics include how he got into the business, what it’s like turning out 3 books a month,…