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  • October 2008 Podcast Online

    The gang discusses Amazing Spider-Man 570-572. Other topics included are our thoughts on Spider-Man 4 &5 being filmed back to back, our reactions to the Amazing Spider-Girl getting canceled, along with discussion on JR’s final article about Harry Osborn “The Goblin Prince.” We also talk about Kevin Cushing’s new…


    The year’s biggest (by which I mean longest) Spider-Man story concludes with “New Ways To Die” part 6. Your mother wants you to read the review and leave a comment. You love your mother, don’t you? THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #573 “Weapons of Self Destruction” (Part 6 of “New Ways…

  • Spider-Video Games Through the Years

    Spider-Man: Web of Shadows is released on Wednesday, and IGN is looking back at the various Spider-Games. They start with the Atari 2600 classic and go all the way up to Ultimate Alliance 2. There are 11 pages of this article, but it’s a fun quick read.

  • Sam Raimi talks “Spider-Man” Sequels

    Interesting Tidbit #0: I must apologize to all you Crawl Space regulars for not keeping up with my reviews.  Let’s just say that school takes away all my free time.  If any of you out there plan on becoming architects, just know that you will be entering an intense…

  • Spider-Man: Crawl Space #2 online today!

    The second issue of the fan made webseries titled after this very site and set in a continuity continuing from Brand New Day but restoring Spider-Man’s marriage is now available for your reading pleasure! In this oversized second issue, you will witness several milestones in the history of Spider-Man.…


    Welcome to another Amazing Spider-Man review. Today we’re taking a look at “New Ways To Die” part 5. Please comment. THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #572 “Easy Targets” (Part 5 of “New Ways To Die”) WRITER: Dan Slott PENCILS: John Romita Jr. INKS: Klaus Janson COLORS: Dean White PLOT: It turns…

  • Update from Tom DeFalco on Spider-Girl Cancelation

    Writer Tom DeFalco and artist Ron Frenz have agreed to be our guests on a future podcast. I’m looking at November to book them. We’ll be taking live callers on that show, so you can ask the pro’s yourself your favorite Spider-related questions. Tom did give a bit of…

  • Amazing Spider-Girl Canceled?

    Amazing Spider-Girl writer Tom DeFalco has confirmed that the title is canceled with issue # 30. Tom announced this on the Spider-Girl message board. Here’s the quote. (All Good Things)…come to an end and that includes AMAZING SPIDER-GIRL. I was informed earlier this week that our last issue will…

  • 1987 Spider-Man Wedding Video from Good Morning America

    Wow, gotta love this old clip. I wonder what ever happened to the actors playing the part of MJ and Spidey. What an odd PR clip. The question “Is marrying Spider-Man a risky thing for the strip” was never answered because Stan’s ear piece fell out towards the end.…

  • Spider Q&A With Tom Brevoort

    One of my favorite blogs on the ‘net is Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort’s. He always entertains, and the last few blog entries have focused on Spider-Man. He answers fans questions and even lets some new info out for debate. One of the biggest reveals is that Harry Osborn’s…

  • Dancing Spider-Man

    This is one of the funniest Spider-videos I’ve seen in a while. I can’t imagine how long it took to create this video. Bravo and feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts.

  • Amazing Spider-Girl #24!

    So besides the fact that I’m almost a month late on this review, and that we’re not going to tal k bout Spideydude.com in lateness, It’s Here! The PreultimateChapter Brand New May, or the MC2 Clone Saga! This one has it all: Clones, Peter Parker… acting Norman-esque, Mutants, and…

  • Amazing Spider-Girl 23

    Throughtout it’s history, Spider-Girl has been a Fun Lovin’ Romp into Yesteryear. Now, in its 124th issue (Including the Wizard 1/2 issue), it takes a much darker tone. In this installment, we see Peter Parker V. Kaine, More Wes! More action than ever before, and a awesome homage to…

  • The Spectacular Spider-Man: Competition; Episode 5

      Words from The Abstract on episode 5 of The Spectacular Spider-Man. As per usual, a new villain shows up for our hero to tackle, but the actual problems are on the field during Midtown High’s football tryouts. Plot: While Norman Osborn is busy engineering a new villain for…

  • Ultimate Spider-Man #125 Review

    Writer: Brian Michael Bendis Artist: Stuart Immonen Inker: Wade von Grawbadger Colorist: Justin Ponsor Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit Plot: ONE MONTH AGO…At Trask Enterprises, Eddie Brock is held in a containment field, where he is interrogated by CEO Bolivar Trask, who claims to have “bought” the Venom symbiote and…


    Another week, another issue of Amazing Spider-Man. This time it’s the fourth part of the suspiciously deathless “New Ways To Die.” Read the review and comment your little heart out! THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #571 “Opposites Attack” (Part 4 of “New Ways To Die”) WRITER: Dan Slott PENCILS: John Romita…

  • David Michelinie Podcast Interview Online

    Writer David Michelinie is our guest this month. He had one of the longest run on Amazing Spider-Man. He co-created Venom & Carnage. He also worked with artist Todd McFarlane, Erik Larsen and Mark Bagley in the 1980s and 1990s. Before tackling Spider-Man he had an incredible run on…

  • Spiderman Loves Mary Jane: Season 2 #1

    Interesting Tidbit Volume 3 #1: Literally translated, “manga” means “whimsical pictures,” a word first used in the 18th century with the publication of such works as Santo Kyoden’s picturebook “Shiji no yukikai” (1798). It was also used in the early 19th century with such works as Aikawa Minwa’s “Manga…


    As of this writing, forty-two replies grace my last review. FORTY-FREAKING-TWO! Folks are giving New Ways To Die a ton of attention. Well, I’ve got your third helping of criticism right here, and all you’ve got to do is click the link, read the entry and comment when you’re…

  • Spider-Man: Crawl Space #1 online today!

    This website now has a unique, fan made Spider-Man monthly in comic script form. Issue #1 clocks in at a whopping 52 pages, and sports a cover (to the left) and an interior panel drawn by Ted Brandt with colors by Brandon DP, our very own poster ‘bdog.’ In…

  • Podcast 45: Live Callers Edition Online

    We answer questions from all around the world. Some are Spider-related, some not. The questions are all over the place, and you never know what the Crawl Space regulars are going to going ask the gang. To listen to the show hit the play buttion below. [audio:http://spidermancrawlspace.podomatic.com/enclosure/2008-09-15T22_35_21-07_00.mp3] To download…

  • Mark Bagley Fan Expo 08 Interview

    1.What was your first assignment? NIGHTMASK. New Universe was going down in flames, and Marvel flew me down to New York to meet all the editors, and guy I saw on the last day was Greg Wright, who was eyeing for talent so he hired me for a few…