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  • Spider-Man 4 in 2011

    It seems we’ll have to wait until May 2011 before we get another Spider-Man movie. The L.A. Times interviewed “Spider-Man” producer Laura Ziskin. She says there is no screenplay, nor are Tobey Maguire, Kirstin Dunst or Director Sam Rami signed for a fourth movie. However Sony has paid Marvel…


    Now that the Merry Marvel Bullpen has finally fixed Spider-Man’s broken timeline, superstar creators like Bob Gale can bring us thrilling tales that the old status quo’s constraints made impossible – like the Enforcers in bumper cars!! In all seriousness, this cover could have been an instant classic, but…

  • Podcast 37: Roger Stern Interview Pt 2

    We wrap up our second hour with Amazing Spider-Man writer Roger Stern. We answer your dozens of message board questions, and learn what goes into making great Spidey stories. Click play below to listen to the show. Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to…

  • Vote for the Mary Jane Model

    You had your chance last week to vote for Black Cat, now you get to vote for Mary Jane. The Spider-Man: Web of Shadows video game will have a booth at the San Diego Comic-Con. You can get your picture with the Cat or MJ. But you get to…

  • Jazzy version of Spider-Man theme

    In doing youtube searches, I found this cool jazzy version of the Spider-Man theme. The Alison Brown quartet played in Schenectady’s Central Park on a July 2007 concert. Cool stuff, gotta love the banjo!

  • The Ramones Spider-Man Video

    I’ve never seen this video before, and I’m sure I”m not the only one. The Ramones cover the Spider-Man theme song in this video. Check it out and leave a comment.

  • Spider-Man Solicitations for Sept. 2008

    Marvel.com has released the previews of the Spidey titles shipping in September. There is some amazing John Romita Jr. art coming our way. I love that Bullseye cover. Has he ever fought him before? Besides that Civil War cover that didn’t actually them fight. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #570 Written by…

  • Avengers/Invaders #2 Review

    Interesting Tidbit #2: While mini-series with four to six issues seem the best investment for comic publishers, twelve issue maxi-series were quite popular during the 1980s.  Many unforgettable and influential series came out during this decade such as SECRET WARS, CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, WATCHMEN, AMETHYST, PRINCESS OF GEM…

  • Avengers/Invaders #1 Review

        Here’s an interesting tidbit for you:  The first miniseries ever was DC Comics’ World of Kryptonin 1979.  This new format, which actually evolved from the regular back-up stories that appeared in each comic, allowed writers to tell stories that would not necessarily fit into a monthly title, and would…

  • Spider-Man Cameo in the “Incredible Hulk?”

    It seems “Incredible Hulk” Director Louis Leterrier tried to sneak in a Spider-Man reference in the new movie. In a recent interview with MTV, Leterrier says he wanted to have the University at the end of the movie be Empire State University. For you Spidey novices, that’s where Peter…

  • Podcast 36: Interview of Artist Steve McNiven & Stuart Immonen.

    One of our contributors to the site is writer Jason Marsh Larouche. He reviews the Ultimate Spider-Man title for us month in- and month out. He had a chance to interview two influential Spider-Creators.He talked to artist Steve McNiven and Stuart Immonen. McNiven penciled the recent Civil War mini-series…

  • ASM Writer Joe Kelly talks Spider-Man @ CBR

    Former “Deadpool” writer Joe Kelly is getting a chance to write his favorite character. Kelly’s first Spider-Man book will be in the “Spider-Man: One More Day Extra.” He will focus on making the villain Hammerhead a major thorn in Spidey’s side. If you recall, Hammy got an adamantium bullet…

  • Vote for Black Cat model

    Fan boys will have a chance to get a picture of themselves with the Black Cat during the San Diego Comic Con. The Spider-Man: Web of Shadows video game will have a booth with models available to take pictures. The site is letting you vote on who should wear…

  • Punisher War Zone Trailer Online

    The new Punisher War Zone movie is online. In case you didn’t know, Frank Castle aka The Punisher made his first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #129. Here is the trailer, and thanks to Morb for finding it.


    Testing … testing … testing…  Hey, this whole “I can update these myself” thing isn’t half bad.  Anyway, I’m here to share with you my review of this week’s ASM.  Fans have given a mixed response to Bob Gale’s previous issues, so you’ll have to click the “Read the…

  • Newsarama interviews Bob Gale

    Newsarama.com has posted an interview with controversial Amazing Spider-Man writer Bob Gale about his issues, the process, and how you do a Spidey vs. Spidey fight sans clones. Check it out here.

  • June 2008 Podcast Interview of Roger Stern

    Legendary Spider-Man Writer Roger Stern is our guest this month. In the 1980s he created some of the best story lines including the Hobgoblin origin, the Juggernaut two-parter, and “The Kid Who Collects Spider-Man.” He is returning to the “Amazing Spider-Man” title for one issue. We learn a bit…

  • Personalized Spider-Man video

    This video may be aimed at kids, but I’m sure there’s some 30-year-olds that might order it. Basically they take your headshot and put it under the Spidey mask. Check it out, and if you want to order it, here’s the link. FYI, it’s $40. http://www.kideo.com/products/Spiderman.aspx

  • Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Game Screen Caps

    Activision has released several screen shots of the new Spider-Man: Web of Shadows video game. The game seems to involve a symbiote invasion. Marvel mainstays like Luke Cage and SHIELD are confirmed in the game. The storyline will be based on the comics, not the movies. The game is…

  • One Spider-Robber Suspect Caught, One on the Loose

    A Spider-Robber has been arrested in Tennessee. 45 year old Jon Woodburn from Chattanooga, TN allegedly robbed two convenience stores and one hotel with a Spider-Man mask. He is charged with three counts of aggravated robbery. Another Spider-Man copycat robber (right) is still on the loose in Rockledge, Florida.…

  • Spider-Girl #21 Preview

    The first six pages of The Amazing Spider-Girl #21, Part 2 of the “Brand New May” storyline, are online along with a slew of other Marvel previews. Check them out at comicscontinuum.com. The issue hits stores June 11!

  • Tobey up for Spider-Man 4?

    J.K. Simmons recently talked to Tobey Maguire and he seems to be up for putting on the old red and blues one more time. “I spoke to Tobey in I guess it was February, sort of awards season time and he’s certainly amenable to doing some more and hopefully…

  • Welcome to the new Spider-Man Crawl Space

    Gang, It’s been a few years since I’ve made major design changes to the Crawl Space. I’ve decided to go with a program called “Word Press” to manage the front page. Basically it’s a blogging program that will allow me to post news quicker and be a bit more…

  • Amazing Spider-Girl #17 Er, I mean, 19 Review

    Amazing Spider-Girl #17 Er, I mean, 19 Story: DeFalco Art: Frenz Inks Bucemea Story: A couple of years ago, Marvel introduced the OTHER Spider-Girl, Arana, on the scene. There was a fight over the name, and of course, the fans were vocal enough to give her a new codename.…